Ron Paul Explains the Neocon Position for Regime Change in Venezuela

Ron Paul reminds us that Venezuela once was a great free-market state before it was taken over by socialists and communists who wanted to redistribute the wealth. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves but now is in shambles. The Trump administration is backing a coup by the opposition leader Juan Guaido. The US says it wants to restore democracy, but a coup is about as non-democratic as it gets. US diplomats have not been withdrawn as demanded by Maduro, which puts them in great danger, because this could provoke Maduro to arrest them or resort to violence to prove that he still is in charge. That would become an excuse to to invade Venezuela, which is what the neocons desire. Neocons from both parties support Trump’s move. [Yes, it’s far more complicated that it appears on the surface.] –GEG