President Trump’s Plan to End the Border Crisis


President Trump outlined a proposed compromise to end the government shut-down by extending legal protections to one-million immigrants including work permits, enrollment in Social Security, $800-million in humanitarian assistance, $805-million for drug-detection technology, 2,750 new border agents, 75 new immigration judge teams, and $5.7-billion for the wall. A number of Democrats responded by saying they are not ready to accept any deal until Trump first reopenes the government with no conditions. Some say that Trump secretly offered amnesty. -GEG

President Donald Trump outlined his plan Saturday to address border security concerns and put an end to the partial government shutdown. The plan includes the temporary extension of legal protections for DACA recipients and funding for a wall.

“This is a common-sense compromise that both parties should embrace,” the president began as he introduced the main points of his proposed plan.

  • $800 million in urgent humanitarian assistance
  • $805 million in new drug detection technology
  • 2750 new border agents and law enforcement professionals
  • 75 new immigration judge teams
  • $5.7 billion for “strategic deployment of physical barriers” (a wall)
  • Three years of legal relief and protection from deportation for DACA recipients
  • Three-year extension of protections for immigrants under Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

The president noted that the plan would not be a permanent fix, but rather called it a “down payment” on immigration reform, saying:

Once the government is open, and we have made a down payment on border security, and immigration reform starts to happen, I plan to convene weekly bipartisan meetings at the White House so we can do a finished product, a great product, a product that we can all be proud of, having to do with that elusive immigration problem.

Early reports on Saturday suggested that the president would offer DACA and TPS protections in exchange for his requested funding, and a number of Democrats responded preemptively, saying that they weren’t ready to accept that deal unless Trump first reopened the government with no conditions.

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Ed LaPinskas

The citizens of the USA are calling him President “Cave” as he should give the communists NOTHING. Another message going around is to buy more ammo.