Big Win for Judicial Watch – Los Angeles and California Must Remove 1.5 Million Inactive Voters From Voter Rolls

Judicial Watch
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Judicial Watch reached a settlement agreement from its lawsuit against California and Los Angeles County under which they must remove as many as 1.5-million inactive voters from their registration rolls. Inactive registrations belong mostly to voters who have moved or are deceased. Los Angeles County has an absurd registration rate of 112% of its adult citizen population. The entire State of California has a registration rate of 101% of its eligible citizenry. Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100%. Neither the State of California nor Los Angeles County have removed inactive voters from their registration rolls for the past 20 years. -GEG

Judicial Watch announced today that it signed a settlement agreement with the State of California and County of Los Angeles under which they will begin the process of removing from their voter registration rolls as many as 1.5 million inactive registered names that may be invalid. These removals are required by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The NVRA is a federal law requiring the removal of inactive registrations from the voter rolls after two general federal elections (encompassing from 2 to 4 years). Inactive voter registrations belong, for the most part, to voters who have moved to another county or state or have passed away.

Los Angeles County has over 10 million residents, more than the populations of 41 of the 50 United States. California is America’s largest state, with almost 40 million residents.

Judicial Watch filed a 2017 federal lawsuit to force the cleanup of voter rolls (Judicial Watch, Inc., et al. v. Dean C. Logan, et al. (No. 2:17-cv-08948)). Judicial Watch sued on its own behalf and on behalf of Wolfgang Kupka, Rhue Guyant, Jerry Griffin, and Delores M. Mars, who are lawfully registered voters in Los Angeles County. Judicial Watch was also joined by Election Integrity Project California, Inc., a public interest group that has long been involved in monitoring California’s voter rolls.

In its lawsuit, Judicial Watch alleged:

  • Los Angeles County has more voter registrations on its voter rolls than it has citizens who are old enough to register.  Specifically, according to data provided to and published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Los Angeles County has a registration rate of 112 percent of its adult citizen population.
  • The entire State of California has a registration rate of about 101 percent of its age-eligible citizenry.
  • Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100 percent of the age-eligible citizenry.

The lawsuit confirmed that Los Angeles County has on its rolls more than 1.5 million potentially ineligible voters. This means that more than one out of every five LA County registrations likely belongs to a voter who has moved or is deceased. Judicial Watch notes that “Los Angeles County has the highest number of inactive registrations of any single county in the country.”

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Jerry Day
Jerry Day
2 years ago

There is a big difference between an inactive voter and an uneligible active voter. Are the “inactive voters” voting?

1 year ago

HOORAY to Judicial Watch! Long-time watchdogs against crime, corruption and politics which = Pure Evil.
However, tragically, by voting day of the 2020 presidential election this huge voter fraud problem will not be fixed. In reality the only “fix” will be fraudulent selection of ineligible candidates by ineligible / illegal “voters”.