Japan: Court Upholds Sterilization Requirement Before Gender Change

Japan’s supreme court upheld a law that requires transgenders to be sterilized before their gender can be changed on official documents. The law also requires the person to have “a body which appears to have parts that resemble the genital organs of those of the opposite gender.” The panel of four justices said the measure was intended to prevent problems in parent-child relations that could lead to societal confusion. In other words, the court was trying to raise the barrier to legal recognition of gender contradiction. -GEG

Japan’s supreme court has upheld a law that effectively requires
transgender people to be sterilized before their gender can be changed
on official documents.

The court acknowledged “doubts” were emerging over whether the rule
reflects changing social values, but said the law was constitutional.

The decision, issued Wednesday but published on Thursday, upholds a
law that requires any individual wishing to change their documents have
“no reproductive glands or reproductive glands that have permanently
lost function,” referring to testes or ovaries.

It also requires the person to have “a body which appears to have
parts that resemble the genital organs of those of the opposite gender.”

The appeal was filed by Takakito Usui, a transgender man who wants to change official documents that identify him as female.

The panel of four justices ruled unanimously to throw out Usui’s appeal, declaring the law constitutional.

They said the measure was intended to prevent “problems” in
parent-child relations that could lead to societal “confusion” and
“abrupt changes” in society.

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Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects

Congress passed and President Trump signed the Rapid DNA Act that allows police to collect and test DNA immediately following arrests without any conviction of a crime. Police booking stations in several states will be able to connect Rapid DNA machines to the national DNA database beginning this year. Those who were suspects at the time of arrest but were innocent of any crime will forever be linked to criminal databases. By accessing DNA, the government will have data on everyone’s ancestry, appearance, medical history, and inclination to accept authority, to name just a few of the traits in which they may be interested. -GEG

“As more and more data flows from your body and brain to the smart
machines via the biometric sensors, it will become easy for corporations
and government agencies to know you, manipulate you, and make decisions
on your behalf. Even more importantly, they could decipher the deep
mechanisms of all bodies and brains, and thereby gain the power to
engineer life. If we want to prevent a small elite from monopolising
such godlike powers, and if we want to prevent humankind from splitting
into biological castes, the key question is: who owns the data? Does the data about my DNA, my brain and my life belong to me, to the government, to a corporation, or to the human collective?”―Professor Yuval Noah Harari

Uncle Sam wants you.

Correction: Uncle Sam wants your DNA.

Actually, if the government gets its hands on your DNA, they as good as have you in their clutches.

Get ready, folks, because the government— helped along by Congress
(which adopted legislation allowing police to collect and test DNA
immediately following arrests), President Trump (who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the courts (which have ruled
that police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested
but not yet convicted of a crime), and local police agencies (which are
chomping at the bit to acquire this new crime-fighting gadget)—is embarking on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database.

As the New York Times reports:

“The science-fiction future, in which
police can swiftly identify robbers and murderers from discarded soda
cans and cigarette butts, has arrived. In 2017, President Trump signed
into law the Rapid DNA Act,
which, starting this year, will enable approved police booking stations
in several states to connect their Rapid DNA machines to Codis, the
national DNA database. Genetic fingerprinting is set to become as routine as the old-fashioned kind.

Referred to as “magic boxes,” these Rapid DNA machines—portable, about the size of a desktop printer, highly unregulated, far from fool-proof,
and so fast that they can produce DNA profiles in less than two
hours—allow police to go on fishing expeditions for any hint of possible misconduct using DNA samples.

Journalist Heather Murphy explains: “As police agencies build out
their local DNA databases, they are collecting DNA not only from people
who have been charged with major crimes but also, increasingly, from people who are merely deemed suspicious, permanently linking their genetic identities to criminal databases.”

Suspect Society, meet the American police state.

Every dystopian sci-fi film we’ve ever seen is suddenly converging
into this present moment in a dangerous trifecta between science,
technology and a government that wants to be all-seeing, all-knowing and

By tapping into your phone lines and cell phone communications, the government knows what you say.

By uploading all of your emails, opening your mail, and reading your Facebook posts and text messages, the government knows what you write.

By monitoring your movements with the use of license plate readers, surveillance cameras and other tracking devices, the government knows where you go.

By churning through all of the detritus of your life—what you read, where you go, what you say—the government can predict what you will do.

By mapping the synapses in your brain, scientists—and in turn, the government—will soon know what you remember.

And by accessing your DNA, the government will soon know everything else about you that they don’t already know:
your family chart, your ancestry, what you look like, your health
history, your inclination to follow orders or chart your own course,

Of course, none of these technologies are foolproof.

Nor are they immune from tampering, hacking or user bias.

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Covington Catholic Students Have Legal Options to Sue Media for Defamation

Attorney, Libby Locke, an expert in defamation law, says the Covington Catholic high school students can sue people in the media and on social media, but that the lawyer who offered to represent them at no charge, attorney Robert Burns, cannot bring a class action defamation suit as he claims, nor can he sue a member of Congress, Ilhan Omar. That’s because the law provides legal immunity for federal employees, including members of Congress, for making false statements. If the lawyers who represent the students fail in their lawsuits, the opposition will claim that their false assertions were correct. [Some observers are questioning if the lawyer who has offered to represent the students might actually be working to make sure the lawsuit fails. Let us hope that some skilled investigative journalists will check into this possibility before it is too late.] -GEG

Kentucky: Kenton County Prosecutor Rob Sanders says that some of the threats made against the Covington Catholic schoolboys and their families may qualify as ‘terroristic threatening’ that is a felony. He says, however, that his office cannot extradite people from other states for misdemeanor threats made over Twitter. -GEG

Venezuela: President Maduro’s Failed Dictatorship Has Killed 14 People in 3 days and Made Mass Arrests

Venezuela: Maduro is accused of having at least 14 people killed over the past three days and sending troops door-to-door to find individuals suspected of having participated in the recent anti-government protests. An estimated 200 people have been arrested without warrants. -GEG

The socialist dictatorship in Venezuela has killed at least 14
people and potentially closer to 20 since widespread protests broke out
this week, culminating in the swearing in of President Juan Guaidó,
replacing dictator Nicolás Maduro.

An NGO that tracks human rights violations in the country also
confirmed over 200 arrests since Wednesday’s protests began, some the
product of Maduro sending Bolivarian National Guard troops door-to-door
to find individuals suspected of having participated in the protests and
detaining them without warrants.

Citing the NGO Provea, the regional news agency NTN24 reported
Thursday that Maduro’s forces had killed a confirmed 14 people
nationwide in the past three days. While the leaders of the Venezuelan
opposition organized their official protest for Wednesday, many
dissidents organized smaller anti-Maduro protests to galvanize opponents
of the regime throughout the week. Most of the deaths recorded were at
gunpoint at the hands of law enforcement or the military.

The victims known to Provea were between the ages of 19 and 47, though most were in their 20s; only one was a woman.

Other groups have tallied known deaths and gotten different numbers. Opposition leader María Corina Machado said
late Wednesday she had received confirmation of 17 deaths, “dozens
injured and over 70 imprisoned.” The Interamerican Commission on Human
Rights, which operates under the Organization of American States (OAS), tallied at least 16 deaths by Thursday morning.

The number of arrests also varies. The Venezuelan Penal Forum, an NGO
that tracks politically-motivated arrests in the country, said Thursday
it could confirm the detention of 278 people since Monday. The group found
that 175 of these arrests occurred on Wednesday, while the rest
occurred in anticipation of the protests, adding the caveat that they
had many more reports of arrests and killings but these were the only
ones they could solidly confirm occurred.

Venezuelans with access to social media used their platforms to spread videos and images of attacks on unarmed dissidents. One video, verified by the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, showed the body of a young man shot to death in Barinas state (warning: graphic images):

Embedded video

Jesús Lizardo


pic.twitter.com/Rygy8MmmsZ URGENTE!!!!!! #23Ene BARINAS: BRUTAL ATAQUE DE ESBIRROS ASESINOS, MALANDROS y ESCLAVOS de la narcodictadura contra EL PUEBLO!!! Se habla de 4 muertos. REPRESIÓN BRUTAL!!!


11:42 AM – Jan 23, 2019

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Ron Paul Explains the Neocon Position for Regime Change in Venezuela

Ron Paul reminds us that Venezuela once was a great free-market state before it was taken over by socialists and communists who wanted to redistribute the wealth. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves but now is in shambles. The Trump administration is backing a coup by the opposition leader Juan Guaido. The US says it wants to restore democracy, but a coup is about as non-democratic as it gets. US diplomats have not been withdrawn as demanded by Maduro, which puts them in great danger, because this could provoke Maduro to arrest them or resort to violence to prove that he still is in charge. That would become an excuse to to invade Venezuela, which is what the neocons desire. Neocons from both parties support Trump’s move. [Yes, it’s far more complicated that it appears on the surface.] –GEG