Triplets Became Severely Autistic Within Hours of Vaccination in 2007 and Continue to Suffer

The McDowell triplets before the vaccine. Youtube
Detroit, Michigan: Richie, Robbie and Claire McDowell received the pneumococcal vaccine on June 25, 2007, and within hours, they all become severely autistic at 9 months of age.  The parents were told autism is genetic but a geneticist countered that all three children could not shut down on the same day from a genetic defect.  None of the children fully recovered and Clair is still non-verbal and is not potty-trained.  The McDowells found out seven years later that the vaccine was contaminated and had been pulled from the market after it killed a 2-year old, which was hidden from the public.

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Carolyn McDowell
Carolyn McDowell

Brenda & David, My heart goes out to you regarding the vaccine damage done to your triplets. The vaccine industry is a money making hoax, that Big Pharma and their minions (the drs who cow-tow to them) are all in on. It is a huge multi-billion $$$ industry. No vaccine is safe, they include toxic ingredients such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, retro viruses, etc. Do not give your children any more vaccines. Help them build their own innate immunity naturally, even if it means home-schooling them. See a naturopathic, alternative therapist, or holistic practitioner to help remove the toxins and… Read more »

Wendy Workman
Wendy Workman

Wanted to comment but can’t see the screen thru my tears. my God, i wish I COULD TAKE CONTROL OF TIME AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER FOR YOU AND ALL THE LITTLE ONES OUT THERE WHO HAVE BEEN USED AND ABUSED BY POWER & MONEY GRUBBERS. How inhumane must anyone be to be involved in any level of this sadistic practice???