Sweden: Father Arrested for Beating Burglar Who Took His 7-Year Old Son Hostage with a Gun

A burglar in Malmö broke into a home and held a 7-year old child as a hostage when he was confronted by the family.  The robber reportedly put his gun inside the child’s mouth.  The grandmother screamed and snatched the child back while the father “flipped out” and hit the gunman so hard that he lost consciousness and suffered a severe head injury.  The father is now being held in jail on charges of aggravated assault.

A father of a 7-year-old boy in Malmö has been arrested for beating up a burglar who put a gun in the boy’s mouth.

The 45-year-old burglar broke into a flat in Malmö. He was confronted by the family who lives there, whereupon he grabbed one of the children, a 7-year-old. He then allegedly put his gun in the boy’s mouth.

When the child’s grandmother saw this, she screamed and managed to snatch the child. Then the boy’s father came into the room and the two men started fighting.

The father “flipped out” and hit the gunman so hard that he lost consciousness and suffered severe head injury, a source tells Aftonbladet.

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