Boston: Newly-Elected DA, Funded by Soros, Vows to Stop Prosecuting Those Who Resist Arrest and 15 Other Crimes

Rachel Rollins, Youtube
Rachel Rollins, who received campaign funding from Soros-funded PACs, will take office as the district attorney for Suffolk County in January.  She is planning to decline prosecution of crimes that include resisting arrest, drug possession with intent to distribute, threats, wanton or malicious destruction of property, breaking and entering vacant properties, receiving stolen property, larceny under $250, shoplifting and more.  Retailers are worried their businesses will be looted and police are concerned about more violence as there will be a rise in resisting arrest. She also plans to eliminate cash bail and to stop racial disparity in who does and doesn’t go to jail.  Rollins’ program is the new frontier in criminal justice so-called reform to cut back on mass incarceration rates.  The number of victims will increase as crime has been legalized, and without any consequences, criminals will repeat their crimes.

Boston, MA – When Suffolk County’s district attorney-elect Rachel Rollins takes over the prosecutor’s office in January, criminals will no longer need to worry about being held accountable for many offenses – including resisting arrest.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” veteran Boston defense attorney, Robert Griffin, told the Boston Globe.

“The problem is the message that you’re sending,” Griffin stressed. “You’re encouraging bad behavior. You’re telling people that we’re not going to do anything about this.”

Rollins, 47, has been widely hailed – and widely criticized – for her well-publicized “Charges to be Declined” list, which she has featured on her campaign webpage.

With rare exception, offenses of shoplifting, trespass, threats, and larceny under $250 will no longer be prosecuted, as well as disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and “minor driving offenses,” according to the list.

Breaking and entering will not be prosecuted, as long as the perpetrator makes sure the property is vacant. Alternatively, those who commit break-ins of occupied homes because they are cold or tired, but don’t damage anything, will also be in the clear.

Offenders won’t have to worry about going to court over receiving stolen property or underage drinking, and won’t be held accountable for wanton or malicious destruction of property, either.

Making threats will also be permitted, with the exception of those related to domestic violence.

Drug possession will no longer be prosecuted in Suffolk County – even in cases where the suspect is a drug dealer.

Cases where an offender is charged with resisting arrest and nothing else will also be turned away, as well as any instances where the person resists arrest while being charged with another offense on Rollins’ “Charges to be Declined” list.

“In the exceptional circumstances where prosecution of one of these charges is warranted, the line DA must first seek permission from his or her supervisor,” Rollins’ website noted.

Boston Police Protection Union President Michael Leary said the district attorney-elect’s changes will likely lead to an increase in Boston’s crime rate, the Boston Herald reported.

“If you’re doing crime, you have to be held accountable for the crimes you do,” Leary argued. “If you’re out there doing bad things then unfortunately jail is the answer. That’s what jail is for – for people who break the law.”

“The quality of life is going to go down because she’s not going to prosecute these people and they are going to keep doing it,” he added.

“Our job is already dangerous. Its unbelievable to think people are willing to make it more dangerous for us,” Leary told WBZ. “I fear that officers will begin to see even more aggressiveness than we already face on a daily basis…if there are no consequences, offenders will figure ‘why not resist?’”

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes said he is especially worried about the victims who will never see justice served, the Boston Herald reported.

“Their voices need to be heard as well,” Chief Kyes said.

“I don’t think she’s properly taking into account the cost that criminals inflict on society even for minor crimes,” National District Attorney’s Association President William Fitzpatrick explained. “Ignoring minor crimes leads to an increase in violent crimes.”

Former U.S. President Barack Obama disagreed, and praised Rollins during a speech at the University of Illinois in September, WBZ reported.

“Do what they just did in Philadelphia and Boston, and elect state attorneys and district attorneys who are looking at issues in a new light,” he said at the time.

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1 year ago

Wow. This woman’s rules give a license for criminality.