Triplets Became Severely Autistic Within Hours of Vaccination in 2007 and Continue to Suffer

Detroit, Michigan: Richie, Robbie and Claire McDowell received the pneumococcal vaccine on June 25, 2007, and within hours, they all become severely autistic at 9 months of age.  The parents were told autism is genetic but a geneticist countered that all three children could not shut down on the same day from a genetic defect.  None of the children fully recovered and Clair is still non-verbal and is not potty-trained.  The McDowells found out seven years later that the vaccine was contaminated and had been pulled from the market after it killed a 2-year old, which was hidden from the public.

Two Scandinavian Women, While Camping in Morocco, Were Brutally Murdered by ISIS Terrorists

Moroccan police arrested 18 men in connection with the rape and beheading of two women, Maren Ueland, 28, of Norway, and Louisa Vesterager, 24, of Denmark, while they were camping. The four suspects accused of direct involvement in the women’s deaths appear in a video pledging allegiance to ISIS. A gruesome video of the attack has been widely circulated by social media with men in the video calling the attack “revenge” for fellow jihadists in Syria. The Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother, Irene, has been spammed with hundreds horrible images of her daughter’s slit throat and Ms Jespersen’s severed head. Ironically, one of the victims, Maren Ueland, posted a video against discrimination of Muslims in 2015 and wrote, “Never judge people by their appearance.” -GEG

Thirteen suspects have been arrested in connection with the beheading deaths of two tourists in Morocco, the state-controlled 2M news agency reported.

Four are suspected of killing 28-year-old Maren Ueland of Norway and 24-year-old Louisa Jespersen of Denmark. Of those four, one had previously served a two-year sentence in an extremism-related case, Boubker Sabik, a Moroccan national security spokesman, told 2M.

Nine others were arrested in different cities for their alleged connection to the four murder suspects, 2M reported.

During the raids, authorities found “suspicious substances that could potentially be used in making explosives,” 2M said.

The bodies of Ueland and Jespersen were found Monday in the High Atlas mountain range.

Both women had been spotted with three men in their hotel in Marrakesh before heading to the Atlas Mountains to hike. They were found in Imlil, an unguarded and remote area on the mountain range.

The state-run Maghreb Arab Press reported that the pair had been killed with a “melee weapon.”

A video purporting to show the decapitations is being analyzed by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, the agency told CNN. The video’s authenticity has not been verified.

The Moroccan government has called the killings a “terrorist and criminal act,” and Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said the killings seemed to be “politically motivated and thus a terrorist act.”

The four suspects accused of direct involvement in the women’s deaths appear in a video pledging allegiance to ISIS, but they do not reference the killings.

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70% of Venezuelans Are Starving, and Women as Young as 14 Are Surviving under Socialism by Selling, Sex, Hair, and Breast Milk.

Venezuela’s socialist/communist system has become even more dire as people literally are starving, suffering from lack of healthcare, and subjected to extreme, systemic violence. Women, some as young as 14, are turning to prostitution in search of a better life. Others are selling their hair and breast milk to support their families. Many Venezuelans with university degrees or decent jobs in what was once the wealthiest nation in Latin America, now are in survival mode. A doctor reported that some of his adult male patients now weigh no more than 77 pounds. Suicide is on the rise, because many feel that they are doomed to die anyway. Crime and violence have become rampant throughout the country. -GEG

Women fleeing socialist Venezuela have taken to capitalism in order to survive; selling sex, hair and breastmilk as they make the perilous journey into neighboring Colombia in search of a better life.

As Fox News Hollie McKay reports, the Colombian border city of Cucuta is virtual chaos – as “Rail-thin women cradle their tiny babies, and beg along the trash-strewn gutters. Teens hawk everything from cigarettes to sweets and water for small change.”

The young, the old and the disabled cluster around the lone Western Union office – recently established to deal with the Venezuelan influx – in the hopes of receiving or sending a few dollars to send home. Without passports or work permits, the Venezuelans – many with university degrees or decent jobs in what was once the wealthiest nation in Latin America – are now resorting to whatever it takes to survive. –Fox News

Men buying hair approach groups of women with their young children, offering them enough to feed their families for a short while. Local wigmakers in Colombia will pay between $10 – $30, depending on length and quality.

Other Venezuelan women – including girls as young as 14, resort to sex work on the streets of Cucuta – earning around seven dollars per john.


Both men and women are exposed to sex trafficking along the route from Venezuela to Colombia. According to several walkers, some women “chose” prostitution as a means to make money and earn rides along the way. And some heterosexual men “sell themselves on the gay market” for a little money.

Other women are manipulated or forced into giving “pimp types” their documents and identification cards, and are subsequently drawn into prostitution rings. That’s particularly the case in border areas, where many rebel and drug-trafficking groups operate. –Fox News

Back home in Venezuela, the situation is dire – as the socialist country suffers from starvation, disease, a lack of healthcare and extreme violence. Children have been dying from hepatitis and malaria.

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‘Fake News’ Reporter at Der Spiegel Could Face Charges for Embezzlement of Funds Meant for Syrian Orphans

Germany: Claas Relotius, a journalist with Der Spiegel, was caught writing made-up stories, and his editor never fact-checked his articles.  His work had received awards from CNN. He wrote negative reports about President Trump and fabricated propaganda stories that made Americans appear racist and xenophobic. For example, he wrote about seeing a hand-painted sign in a town in Minnesota that read: “Mexicans Keep Out,” but the sign did not exist. According to Der Spiegel, Relotius admitted deceiving readers in 14 stories.

Der Spiegel also received messages from readers saying Relotius was using a private email account to ask for donations to help Syrian orphans in Turkey. It is believed that the story he wrote is mostly fiction, and that he pocketed donations meant for the children. He is expected to be investigated for embezzlement. -GEG

The German reporter Claas Relotius, accused by top news magazine Der Spiegel of faking stories, could now face embezzlement charges.

Der Spiegel says it is filing a criminal complaint alleging he solicited donations for Syrian orphans from readers with any proceeds going to his personal account.

Der Spiegel said last week that Relotius admitted faking some stories.

The reporter, 33, has yet to comment on the embezzlement allegations.

In the latest development, Der Spiegel reports (in German) that it received messages from readers saying Relotius had used a private email account to ask for donations to help Syrian orphans in Turkey.

The money should be sent to his personal bank account, the magazine quotes readers as saying.

The publication says it is not yet clear what sort of response he received – how much money was collected or where it ended up.

Der Spiegel is gathering evidence to pass on to prosecutors.

Relotius’ appeal for donations was linked to an article he wrote about two Syrian street-children, a brother and sister, in Turkey – parts of which Der Spiegel says were faked.

A Turkish photographer who accompanied Relotius on the story said the reporter had made up some aspects of the boy’s life and heavily fictionalised others.

The photographer suspects that the sister may not have existed at all.

‘Institutional bias’

The American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has also intervened, writing to Der Spiegel’s editor to demand an independent investigation and accusing the publication of institutional bias against the US.

Like many publications, Der Spiegel has carried stories critical of President Donald Trump.

One of the Relotius stories at issue centred on the US-Mexican border. Der Spiegel said its investigation revealed that he had fabricated information about seeing a hand-painted sign in a town in Minnesota that read: “Mexicans Keep Out.”

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GoFundMe Returns over $400,000 Scammed by New Jersey Grifters

Kate McClure, Mark D’Amico, and drug-addicted homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, were charged with theft by deception in November after they concocted a story that Bobbitt had given McClure his last $20 after her car ran out of fuel, which left her stranded on the side of I-95 in a dangerous Philadelphia neighborhood. McClure’s boyfriend set up a GoFundMe donation page based on that lie, and they got $402,000 in donations to help Bobbitt. The couple pilfered most of the money, which prompted the homeless man to sue them. It was only then that the lie unraveled, and the three were arrested. -GEG

GoFundMe has returned over $400,000 to people who donated to a trio of scam artists who fabricated a story about a homeless good Samaritan.

39-year-old Mark D’Amico (left), 28-year-old Kate McClure (center) and 35-year-old Johnny Bobbitt (right) are facing theft and conspiracy charges.

All donors who contributed to this GoFundMe campaign have been fully refunded,” GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said in an email, adding that “while this type of behavior by an individual is extremely rare, it’s unacceptable and clearly it has consequences.”

The company is fully cooperating with investigators.

Kate McClure, 28, Mark D’Amico, 39, and drug-addicted homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt, 35, were charged with theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception in November, after the three concocted a story that Bobbitt had given McClure his last $20 after her car ran out of fuel, leaving her stranded on the side of I-95 in a dangerous Philadelphia neighborhood.

The GoFundMe scam was uncovered after McClure and D’Amico refused to give Bobbitt over $300,000 of the $402,000 raised – causing Bobbit to lawyer up, alleging that the couple committed fraud and conspiracy by taking large amounts of the donations to “enjoy a lifestyle they could not afford” and using the account as “their personal piggy bank.”

The net proceeds were $360,000 after fees, which went into an account controlled by McClure. Bobbitt received approximately $75,000 of it according to Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina.

The entire campaign was predicated on a lie,” said Coffina during a November press conference. “Less than an hour after the GoFundMe campaign went live McClure, in a text exchange with a friend, stated that the story about Bobbitt assisting her was fake,” he said.

In one of the texts read by Coffina, McClure allegedly wrote to a friend, “Ok, so wait, the gas part is completely made up but the guy isn’t. I had to make something up to make people feel bad. So, shush about the made up stuff.” –ABC

After the story went sideways – and reports emerged that the couple had pilfered most of the money meant for Bobbitt, police raided McClure and D’Amico’s home looking for evidence in the case, and seizing a BMW they bought with charitable donations.

Coffina said that if Bobbitt hadn’t sued, the three might have gotten away with the scam.

D’Amico and McClure turned themselves in last month according to WPVI, while Bobbit was arrested in Philadelphia on charges of being a fugitive from justice.

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