Confused Antifa Targeted the Wrong Group and Threatened an Asian Journalist

Seattle, Washington: Antifa held a counter-protest against the Washington State Three Percent group that supports the Constitution, as they had mistaken them for a similarly-named far-rightwing militia group.  Antifa threatened Andy Ngo, a journalist who wanted to document the event, by blocking him from walking down a public sidewalk, confronting him with semi-automatic guns and verbally harassing him.  Jamal Oscar Williams threateningly asked Andy Ngo if he was ready to die for his Youtube video.  Initially, the police helped Mr. Ngo enter the sidewalk, but another officer later told the reporter that he was inciting conflict and threatened to remove him.

In the second video, journalist Andy Ngo reflects on the deeper causes of leftist strife and discord.  Portland is a secular city with a left-leaning monoculture that has a void instead of religion or purpose.  He says people want to be heroes and actually believe they are in a fight with fascists and they are willing to use violence.

“Nazi go home! Nazi go home!” a woman led a crowd into chanting at me as I was cornered against a barrier. A line of police officers stood watching a few feet away. Aiming a bullhorn at my face, the woman continued screaming while others pushed me.

Why did I receive this welcome in downtown Seattle? Because I dared to take a camera into an Antifa protest.

Last Saturday, around 150 left-wing activists mobilized outside Seattle City Hall to counter a similarly-sized event organized by the Washington State Three Percent, a conservative group that describes itself as constitutionalist. The counter-protest brought together a coalition of socialists, communists, and anarchists. They call themselves “Antifa,” or anti-fascist, in spite of their thuggish street behavior often directed at the innocent public. Some of them were dressed in black and wore masks, a tactic called “black bloc” designed to make it easier to remain anonymous while engaging in criminal activity.

The disinformation spread about me (e.g., that I am a “fascist”) was only a microcosm of the larger counter-protest. In fact, the entire demonstration was organized based on misinformation.

The Washington State Three Percent is a registered independent charity whose name pays homage to American colonists who fought for independence. The group unfortunately bears a similar name to the 3% Security Force, a radical anti-government militia that provided security for the Charlottesville, Virginia white nationalist rally last year.

Matt Marshall, leader of the Washington State Three Percent, said the group rebukes any similar-sounding organization that promotes anti-government and bigoted causes. “We are a completely non-discriminatory organization,” he said. “I would challenge anyone to find a statement or action that would prove any of those claims.”

Intentional or not, leftist activists in Seattle rallied people to their cause by claiming the Washington group is filled with white supremacists and anti-Semites.

“These accusations are actually really hurtful to our Jewish, black, and Latino members,” a female member of the conservative group told me.

This isn’t the first time that Antifa in the Pacific Northwest has targeted the wrong people. At a demonstration in Portland, Oregon in August, a leftist man carrying an American flag was bashed on the head with a metal bat by a group of masked individuals dressed in black who thought he was a conservative. He was left on the ground in a pool of his own blood.

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Teacher Fired After Refusing to Use Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronouns

Virginia: Peter Vlaming, a French teacher at West Point High School, was fired for refusing to address a 9th grade student using male pronouns after the student underwent a gender transition from female to male.  While Vlaming agreed to use the student’s new, male name, he attempted to avoid using the pronouns – he, him, she, her – when referring to her, trying to reach a state of mutual tolerance.  But the student complained that she felt uncomfortable.  Vlaming said that the threat against his job was coercive instead of tolerant.  Vlaming has the Constitutional right to not be compelled to speak something that violates his conscience as a Christian. 

A Virginia high school teacher, who refused to use the preferred pronouns of a student who claims to be transgender, was fired Thursday.

In a case that is believed to be the first of its kind in the state, the West Point School Board voted unanimously to fire Peter Vlaming, a French teacher in the district’s high school.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Vlaming “resisted administrators’ orders to use male pronouns to refer to a ninth-grade student who had undergone a gender transition.”

“I can’t think of a worse way to treat a child than what was happening,” said West Point High Principal Jonathan Hochman, who testified that he instructed Vlaming to use male pronouns.

Vlaming, 47, had been teaching at the school for nearly seven years after living in France for more than a decade. He told administrators his Christian beliefs did not allow him to use male pronouns for a biologically female student – one he had previously taught when she identified as female.

While Vlaming agreed to use the student’s new, male name, he attempted to avoid using the pronouns – he, him, she, her – when referring to her. The student reportedly complained she felt uncomfortable and targeted with his refusal to use her preferred pronouns.

During a public hearing, Vlaming said he respects all his students and had attempted to resolve the situation based on “mutual tolerance.”

His effort, however, was not accepted, he said, putting him in the position of risking the loss of his job for having views held by “most of the world for most of human history.”

“That is not tolerance,” Vlaming said, according to the Times-Dispatch. “That is coercion.”

According to the news report, administrators agreed that Vlaming was discriminating against the student.

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Democrats Contest Ballot Harvesting in N. Carolina, But in California They Love It as It Helped Flip 7 Seats Blue

‘Ballot harvesting’ is when organized workers collect ballots from absentee voters and drop them off at a polling place or election office, violating the chain of custody.  Ballot harvesting is illegal in North Carolina and Democrats are contesting a recent election due to allegations that a GOP operative collected ballots and discarded the votes for the Democrat candidate, Dan McCready, who has withdrawn his concession.  Meanwhile, Democrats praise ballot harvesting in California where the party won 7 out of 14 races after Election Day.  The biggest surprise was in Orange County where the Republican stronghold was turned blue after a whopping 250,000 votes were produced post-election.  In fact, precinct 38083 in Orange County had a 120% turnout!  There were 465 registered voters and 561 ballots cast in this precinct.  The Republican party is ignoring the suspicious vote counts, so Judicial Watch is investigating. 


Orange County released its official vote count on Monday and the numbers don’t add up.

Orange County, a conservative area just south of Los Angeles, California turned all blue after Democrats produced hundreds of thousands of votes weeks after election day using a practice known as “ballot harvesting.

The amount of mail-in ballots counted in Orange County were unprecedented – a whopping 250,000 ballots were produced in OC as a result of the new “ballot harvesting” law.

Republicans such as Mimi Walters, Dana Rohrabacher and Young Kim were all ahead election night only to lose their races after late ballots were counted.

Young Kim was ahead by 8,000 votes on election night and even attended freshman orientation in Washington DC only to lose to her Democrat opponent weeks later.

The new voting system in California is so bad that Democrat TJ Cox, who was down by 6.4% on election night in California’s 21st district ended up defeating GOP incumbent David Valadao three weeks later.

Precinct 38083 in Orange County, California had a 120% turnout – 465 registered voters and 561 ballots cast in this precinct. (screenshot below)

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