California: Free Speech Victory at UC Berkeley!  Policies Against Conservative Speakers to Be Abolished

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) accused UC Berkeley of discriminating against conservative speakers.  The university has denied any secret policy for high-profile speakers, but settled with YAF, paying their court costs, and rescinding discriminatory policies against conservative speakers. 

Summary by JW Williams
In February 2017, Antifa rioted against a speaking appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkley, which resulted in $100,000 in property damage and the cancellation of his speech.  Several months later, Ann Coulter was prevented from making a speech after the school first canceled Coulter’s visit, then rescheduled it to an unpopular date, citing unspecified threats of violence.  Berkeley invoked the ‘heckler’s veto’ that occurs when someone’s right to free speech is restricted to prevent a reacting party’s behavior.  A third conservative, radio host Ben Shapiro, spoke at the school in September 2017 after paying a $9,126 security fee that was challenged in the suit.  UC Berkeley reportedly spent more than $600,000 on additional security for Shapiro’s appearance.
In the settlement, UC Berkeley agreed to the following terms set by YAF:
  1. Pay YAF $70,000.
  2. Rescind the unconstitutional “High-Profile Speaker Policy.”
  3. Rescind the viewpoint-discriminatory security fee policy.
  4. Abolish its heckler’s veto — protesters will no longer be able to shut down conservative expression.


Heather MacDonald Says America Is Being Taught to Hate Itself on College Campuses

Heather MacDonald is a lawyer, a scholar, and an author on race relations, immigration, policing and the diversity industry in universities.  She was prevented from speaking about policing at Claremont McKenna College in 2017.  She says that race and gender pandering is corrupting the university and is undermining our culture.  Students are being taught to hate the accomplishments of western civilization and to hate each other.  She says that the most preposterous delusion of all that students are taught to believe is that they are at risk of their lives from racism and sexism on a college campus.

College administrators are even more left wing than the faculty, and they are part of a massive bureaucracy that drives up college tuition.  For example, Jerry Kang, a lawyer specializing in systemic bias, hate crimes and affirmative action, is the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA and is paid more than $400,000 per year.  Diversity officers on campuses have nothing to do because bigotry is virtually non-existent.  American taxpayers are subsidizing the problem, and she suggests defunding universities.

MARK LEVIN, HOST: Hello America, I am Mark Levin, this is “Life, Liberty & Levin” with our great guest, Heather Mac Donald, how are you?

HEATHER MAC DONALD, FELLOW, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE: Fine, thank you, Mark. Thank you for having me on.

LEVIN: Well, you have a BA and MA in English. You have a JD. You are a lawyer, but you are a scholar in so many areas — race relations, immigration, policing in colleges and universities. And this is where I really wanted to delve in with you. You have a new book, “The Diversity Delusion: How race and gender pandering corrupt the university and undermine our culture.” This so relevant today, and you that argue toxic ideas first spread by higher education have undermined humanistic values, fueled intolerance and widened division in our larger culture. And I think we see this everywhere now.

MAC DONALD: We certainly do, the Kavanaugh hearings was an example that were all in gender studies 101 now, Mark. Virtually every aspect of the culmination of hysteria that greeted Judge Kavanaugh was perfected over the last decade on the college campus.

Above all, the preposterous mantra to believe survivors regardless of the evidence, regardless of due process. This is the campus rape hysteria that has been transforming the lives of males on campuses, creating an extraordinarily costly bureaucracy, moved into the real world and it is not going away, it’s only going to get worse.

LEVIN: What have our universities and colleges become? And when did this happen? I mean, they were always kind of liberal in the last several decades, but in some ways, they are not my phrase. They are almost sort of a Soviet-style system where there really isn’t free speech, you’re not allowed to challenge the so-called norms in the universities, where race and gender, seem to have a priority over other things and that sort of thing. When did all of this happen?

MAC DONALD: Well, the 80s was when it started in my view. That is when you got radical multiculturalism that hit. I was in college in 70s, I am grateful for because I was allowed to read John Milton, William Wordsworth and Shakespeare without anyone thinking to complain about the gonads and melanin of those authors. I got to lose myself in beauty, in greatness and sublimity.

Come the 80s, and students were given a license for ignorance. They were taught that the only thing they needed to know about book was the race and gender of author to know whether it was thoroughly dismissible without even being read and they could go to instead wallow in their own delusional oppression, and it has only gotten worse since then, and what we are doing is breeding the grounds for I fear, Civil War because students are being taught to hate, to hate the greatest works of western civilization, and frankly to hate east each other.

From the moment a student steps on a college campus today as a freshman or a fresh person, I should probably say, the bureaucracy is determined to drum in to that student’s head, identity politics, which says, he is either a victim or an oppressor. Oppressors are obviously most famously white males, heterosexual white males. The only way they can get out to of their oppressor category is to become an ally – an ally of the oppressed.

The most preposterous delusion of all of this is student actually believe that they are at risk of their lives from circumambient racism and sexism on a college campus. This is an environment that in traditional liberal terms is the most tolerant environment in human history for society’s traditionally marginalized groups.

Yet, there is a massive bureaucracy dedicated to cultivating in students this delusional sense of their own oppression, which then they carry with them, it’s a chip on their shoulder that prevents them from seizing the magnificent opportunities to learn, to read every book that is ever been written, and they carry this chip, this delusional victimology into world at large, and they are going around blaming American institutions of endemic racism and sexism, when that no longer is true.

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Video of Elijah Schaffer at USC asking students if they love or hate America:


Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change, and 51% Want Government Action

Monmouth University’s survey of 802 American adults showed that 78% believe the world’s climate is undergoing a change that is causing more extreme weather patterns and sea level rise, up from 70% in December 2015.  64% of Republicans now believe in climate change, a 15 point jump from 49% three years ago.  Belief in man-made climate change continues to be higher among Democrats at 92%, up from 85% in 2015, and independents at 78%, up from 74%. -GEG

The doom business is quite profitable, both financially and politically, and thus are we treated to yet another weather-end-times poll, this one a Monmouth University survey indicating that two-thirds of Republicans now believe in “climate change.”

Of course, people should believe in it because the climate is always changing — naturally. Whether man is influencing this change, however, is a different matter.

Monmouth University reports on its poll, which surveyed 802 American adults between November 9 and 12: “Nearly 8-in-10 Americans (78%) believe the world’s climate is undergoing a change that is causing more extreme weather patterns and sea level rise, up from 70% in December 2015. Of note, nearly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) now believe in climate change, a 15 point jump from just under half (49%) three years ago. However, belief in climate change continues to be higher among Democrats (92%, up from 85% in 2015) and independents (78%, up from 74%).”

If the survey is accurate, it is a testimonial to the power of propaganda and perception. As for extreme weather, note that the average number of category 3 or higher hurricanes making United States landfall each decade since 1851 is six. Yet the figure for the 1981-1990 and 1991-2000 periods has been five each; there were three from 2001 to 2004, and none during the decade preceding the 2016 hurricane season.

As for sea-level rise, some question if it’s even presently happening. Yet what if it is? For this also is a naturally occurring phenomenon; for example, at one time the oceans around Florida were 100 feet higher, at another time 300 feet lower.

Despite such realities, a “majority of Americans (54%) currently say that climate change is a very serious problem, which is up significantly from 41% in Monmouth’s 2015 poll,” the Monmouth survey also finds. “Another 17% say climate change is a somewhat serious problem and 7% say it is not too serious. The remainder say climate change is not happening (16%) or don’t know if it is happening (5%).”

Moreover, reports The Hill, “Thirty-seven percent of Americans polled said the environment and human activity contribute equally to a changing climate, while 29 percent place greater blame on human activity and 10 percent blame natural environmental changes.”

Only a quarter of Republicans surveyed believe climate change is a very serious problem, but this is where the good news ends. Not only do 69 percent of Americans surveyed believe government should take action to combat “climate change,” with only 22 percent in opposition, but 51 percent of Republicans agree with the big-government majority. Of course, since the state isn’t good at playing God, all this will do is provide government a pretext for further fleecing the people (e.g., carbon taxes).

The above illustrates the simple reality that polls don’t determine Truth. As to this, the truth on climate change is buried under a multitude of misconceptions and deceptions. But consider the following:

• Many experts are warning not of global warming, but another ice age. After all, the Earth’s pattern is one of 100,000-year glacial periods followed by 12,000-year interglacials, the latter being a warming period of the kind we’re currently experiencing. The problem? Ours has lasted for approximately 12,000 years — we’re due for a freeze.

• One man thus warning is atmospheric and space physics expert S. Fred Singer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and a founding director of the Science & Environmental Policy Project. He wrote in 2016 that there have been nearly 20 major glaciations “in the past two to three million years. The coolings are quite severe: the most recent one, ending only about 12,000 years ago, covered much of North America and Europe with miles-thick continental ice sheets and led to the disappearance of (barely) surviving bands of Neanderthalers; they were displaced by the more adaptable Homo Sapiens.”

Moreover, warning how we might be due for a dangerous deep freeze, he also wrote that “cold periods and droughts appear to be the main dangers to agriculturally based societies in all regions of the world,” and he advised we “try to figure out how to prevent such cooling episodes, if possible.”

• This message is nothing new, mind you. Note that Newsweek ran a 1975 story enitled “The Cooling World,” preaching a message that alarmed us grammar-school kids back then — before the doomsayers started scaring children with warmist apocalyptic scenarios.

• Generally speaking, warmth breeds life and cold, death. Even the New York Times admitted this, reporting in 2016 on a Lancet study showing that “cold weather is responsible, directly or indirectly, for 17 times as many deaths as hot weather,” as the Times related it. Moreover, the paper cited yet another study suggesting that in most of the world, “rising temperatures could reduce overall mortality rates.”

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French President Macron May Be Forced to Cut His New Global Warming Tax that Is Inciting Riots

Tucker Carlson reveals that the media is covering up the reason for the riots and protests by the Yellow Vests in France for the past three weeks.  The real reason is that President Macron has implemented a 30¢ global-warming tax on gas and diesel fuel that already costs over $7 per gallon.  Half of that is tax.  Chuck Davore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation says that the Yellow Vests working-class people are pushing back against being economically squeezed by the government while at the same time immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are being helped.  Davore says the UN wants to raise the fuel tax to $49 over the next 12 years allegedly to fight climate change.  He says the recent climate report based on flawed data put out by the US government was financed by leftist billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer both of whom are vying to become the next American president.

Last weekend, the Yellow Vests targeted the wealthy areas of Paris for riot, where stores were smashed and looted, dozens of cars were burnt, and police were overwhelmed by protesters. There are currently 15,000 angry French Yellow Vests signed up for next Saturday’s protests in Paris; three times as many as last weekend. 104,000 responded with a “maybe.” Most French citizens support the Yellow Vests’ cause. -GEG

French President Emmanuel Macron may institute emergency tax cuts in an attempt to stem violent protests which have gripped France for three weeks, according to Bloomberg.

The government is increasingly worried that the economy, alongside its own political fortunes, is threatened by demonstrations against fuel taxes that have spiraled into a push-back against Macron’s policies.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the impact of the riots was “severe,” and left a meeting of finance ministers in Brussels to return to Paris for crisis talks with colleagues. –Bloomberg


In order to make the tax cuts work, the French government will need to find ways to cut spending that doesn’t hobble growth, as well as tax measures that will stimulate the economy.

For Macron, the stakes are high as he doesn’t want to damage the credibility he needs to push for reforms in Europe. The European Commission has already said his existing budget is at risk of non-compliance with EU rules.

According to Marc Touati, economist and president of business consultancy ACDEFI, Macron may be forced to take a more radical approach, even if that means the deficit slipping a bit. –Bloomberg

The protests have crippled revenues across the country, with some large supermarkets seeing drops as much as 25 percent. Hotel bookings have suffered a similar fate.

Toll-road operators Vinci SA and Eiffage SA meanwhile have seen their share prices decline as they have opened toll booths to let cars pass freely.

Whatever Macron has planned, he better act fast – as there are currently 15,000 angry French Yellow Vests signed up for next Saturday’s protests in Paris; three times as many as last weekend, while 104,000 are a “maybe.”

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