Florida Democrat Hatches Plot to Invade Red States and Turn Them Blue

Florida: Pam Keith, a Democrat who lost her bid for a seat in Congress, is encouraging thousands of leftists to move to Republican-dominated states in order to turn the red states blue.  She promoted her migration plan with claims of wide open spaces, low cost of living and oversized influence in politics.   Red states have a lower cost of living because they traditionally do not support socialist policies.  She said Florida could be flipped if 75,000 liberal voters move there. 

Losing congressional candidate Pam Keith has a cunning plan for Democrats to win red states – by encouraging tens of thousands of leftists to move there in huge numbers.

“Hey Blue State Dems: Have you considered moving to a red state? A migration of only 50k people would turn some red states blue for the Senate & electoral college. Think about it. Wide open spaces, low cost of living & an outsized say in our politics. Indeed, 75k would flip FL,” tweeted Keith.

After another leftist suggested it would be “tough to move to a place with close minded neighbors,” Keith responded by suggesting “an Amish approach” of moving whole communities at a time.

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