Undercover Video Appears to Show Staffers for Robert “Beto” O’Rourke Make Plans to Mask Use of Campaign Funds to Aid Caravan from Honduras

Project Veritas filmed campaign staffers for US Representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, a candidate for a seat in the Senate, assisting Honduran nationals traveling in the Central American caravan headed towards the US border.  O’Rourke staffers Dominic Chacon and AnaPaula Themann admit to facilitating transportation to airports and bus stations.  O’Rourke’s staffers appear to have used campaign resources, on pre-paid cards, to support caravan migrants in Texas, which would be a violation of FEC rules against personal use and misreporting. 

On Thursday night, Project Veritas Action Fund released a blockbuster video that raises serious questions about the misuse of Beto O’Rourke campaign funds. In the latest installment in the Veritas election 2018 sting series, members of the Texas Democrat’s U.S. Senate campaign appear to be “covering up the true nature of spending of campaign funds and intentionally misreporting them. This violates the FEC’s rules against personal use and misreporting,” according to an attorney for Project Veritas Action Fund who reviewed the undercover footage.

The attorney added that the penalties for this crime include fines of up to $10,000 and up to five years of prison.

Staffers for O’Rourke’s campaign were caught on tape indicating that they used campaign funds to purchase food for migrant asylum seekers and conspired to falsely report those expenses to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).


The video shows a man identified as O’Rourke campaign field manager Dominic Chacon organizing campaign staff to deliver supplies to members of the Honduran caravan, who he says have already arrived in the United States and claimed asylum.

“There’s, a, you know, that migrant caravan? A few of them got here already, and they’re dropping them off like really close to Missouri,” Chacon says. Prompted by the undercover Project Veritas journalist, Chacon clarifies that he’s speaking about the migrants from Honduras.

“She’s going to text me the address. Um, I’m going to go get some food right now. Like, just some stuff to drop off, ’cause they need food and blankets. … We got permission to give them some of these waters, so we’re going to take some of these waters too.”

“Don’t ever repeat this,” O’Rourke campaign field organizer AnaPaula Themann tells Chacon on tape. She goes on to explain how she could use campaign funds to pay for the supplies.

Themann: “Don’t ever repeat this and stuff, but, like, if we just say we’re buying food for some event, like the Halloween events …”

Chacon: “That’s not a horrible idea, but I didn’t hear anything. Umm, we can wait until tomorrow for that.”

Themann: “Well that’s exactly the food we need. And I will just mark it as … I do have dozens of block walkers.”

Chacon discusses using campaign prepaid credit cards to pay for food for the migrants.

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