Four Caravans Are Now on the Move, Rioting at the Mexican Border on Their Way to Invading the US

Caravan from Honduras, Youtube
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There are now four caravans pushing toward the US border through Central America and Mexico, with many people traveling by bus.  On Sunday, hundreds of angry migrants from Central America hurled rocks at the Mexican border and argued with the guards for hours until they broke through the customs gate at the Guatemalan border town of Tecun while Mexican police used tear gas and rubber bullets against them.  The caravans are about 80% men.  Migrant Henry Diaz, 26, was killed by Mexican forces on Sunday as he was trying to force his way across the border; more than 100 people were wounded.

Most migrants and refugees fleeing north cite unemployment or violence or both as their primary reason for leaving Honduras. The country has one of the 10 highest per capita homicide rates in the world and more than two-thirds of its inhabitants live in poverty.

They’re not sending their best.
The second illegal migrant caravan was held up at the border between Mexico and Guatemala this weekend.

The illegal caravan migrants heading to the US southern border to claim asylum.
The caravans are mostly men, around 80%.

The angry migrants started chucking rocks at Mexican police at the border.

They hurled rocks at police for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS!

The resolution of this video is off, but you can see hundreds of men pelting the border police and then tearing down the border fences, for hours.

At one point, the commentator claims two migrants were killed by police projectiles.

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