Father of the World Wide Web Has Created a New Internet Platform that Does not Spy on Users Like Google and Amazon

Tim Berners-Lee, Wiki
Tim Berners-Lee, a British engineer known as the father of the World Wide Web because he was the first person to implement the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on the internet, said he is devastated that his creation is being abused by powerful entities for mass surveillance, fake news, and psychological manipulation. His new startup company, ‘Inrupt’, intends to decentralize the web, using a new web platform called ‘Solid’ to recapture privacy from tech monopolies. The platform will allow individuals to have complete control over their personal data, and they will decide whether outsiders will be granted access to it, and to what extent. -GEG

“For people who want to make sure the Web serves humanity, we have to concern ourselves with what people are building on top of it,” Tim Berners-Lee told Vanity Fair last month. “I was devastated” he said while going through a litany of harmful and dangerous developments of the past three decades of the web.

That’s why “the Father of the World Wide Web” has launched a start-up that intends to end the dominance of Facebook, Google, and Amazon, while in the process letting individuals take back control of their own data.

Berners-Lee’s new online platform and company Inrupt is being described as a “personal online data store,” or pod, where everything from messages, music, contacts or other personal data will be stored in one place overseen by the user instead of an array of platforms and apps run by corporations seeking to profit off personal information. The project seeks “personal empowerment through data” and aims to “take back” the web, according to company statements.

The man who created the world wide web by implementing the first ever successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet in 1989 lamented that his creation has been abused by powerful entities for everything mass surveillance to fake news to psychological manipulation to corporations commodifying individuals’ information.

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I would not believe a word Sir Tim Berners-Lee says. See the excellent article ILLUMINATI CONNECTIONS TO UNITARIAN-UNIVERSALIST CHURCH. (29 MAR ’16)by Friz Springmeier http://pentracks.com/2016/03/illuminati-connections-to-unitarian-universalist-church-29-mar-16/ Extract: WHAT IS THE UU CHURCH? Before I begin exposing, it would be appropriate to do some explaining about the UU church. Even though Walter Martin in his Kingdom of the Cults calls it a cult, it fails to function as one. The church stands for “free thought”—free meaning basically free of Christian doctrine as its members are atheists, agnostics, pagans, humanists & new agers, and as we will see even Illuminati members. Perhaps its… Read more »


This is a great temple of the Illuminati were you find, riches, power and fame, are you a business man or woman, are you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer, are you a student or graduate, who so ever you are in all over the world dose not matter to us, what matter a lot to us is to see you happy and rich, we are giving you the chance here to be what so ever you want to be in life, join the Illuminati secret brothers hood and get all you need in life, we offer every thing… Read more »