Texas: Four Women Arrested in Alleged Vote Harvesting Scheme to Steal Votes, Funded by Former Democratic Party Leader

Fort Worth, Texas: Four women are alleged to be members of an organized fraud ring, funded by Democratic Party leader Stuart Clegg, who allegedly paid them in a vote harvesting scheme to either intercept ballots mailed out by the election offices, or to “assist” elderly voters in voting their ballots to ensure that the votes are cast for the candidates of the harvesters’ choice. 

A Fort Worth woman recently indicted on voter fraud charges paid others involved in the scheme with funds provided by a former Tarrant County Democratic Party leader, court documents filed this week say.

After learning about a state investigation, Leticia Sanchez — one of four women arrested and indicted on voter fraud charges — allegedly directed her daughter to send a text message to others in the scheme, urging them not to cooperate with investigators, state officials say.

The allegations are made in the state’s notice of intent to introduce evidence in Sanchez’s criminal case, where state officials say she was among those who collaborated to vote for certain down-ballot candidates with a number of north side residents’ mail-in ballots.

The notice, filed Tuesday, states that Sanchez engaged in organized criminal activity in collaboration with her three co-defendants; Stuart Clegg, a former executive director for the Tarrant County Democratic Party; and others.

Leticia Sanchez
Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

It also includes allegations that Sanchez faxed applications for mail-in ballots — many obtained fraudulently — using a fax machine belonging to former Fort Worth councilman Sal Espino. The notice does not implicate Espino as being part of the scheme.

This is the latest development in a case the Texas attorney general’s office describes as an ”organized voter fraud ring” in Fort Worth.

Local Democrats say canvassing voters occurs every election cycle. Attorneys for Sanchez say they believe this case is politically motivated and they expect it to eventually be dismissed.

Earlier this month, four women were arrested — Sanchez, her daughter, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, and Rosa Solis and Laura Parra — after being indicted on more than two dozen felony counts of voter fraud.

Officials allege the women were paid to target older voters on the city’s north side “in a scheme to generate a large number of mail ballots and then harvest those ballots for specific candidates in 2016.”

The notice did not specify which candidates the suspects were allegedly paid to support, but it noted that Sanchez and others marked down-ballot candidates “without the voter’s knowledge or consent.”

AG officials have said these charges “are in connection with the 2016 Democratic primary, but the case has connections with the 2015 city council election.”

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Cesar Sayoc Arrested in the Bomb Scare Case as Four More Phony Bombs Were Discovered and Intercepted

Cesar Sayoc, 56, was arrested on on charges related to the phony non-exploding bombs that were sent to 12 people.  There are conflicting reports that say Sayoc intentionally made the “bombs” to be harmless and another wherein he denies making the devices.  His social media accounts followed Democrats instead of Trump and Republicans.  According to reports, Mr. Sayoc shows signs of mental illness.  The story is being used by the  mainstream media to cast Trump and Republicans in a negative light ahead of the midterm elections. 

Summary by JW Williams

Cesar Sayoc, 56, accused of preparing and sending 12 inactive devices that looked like bombs to prominent Democrats last week, was arrested in Florida.  He told investigators that his packages were not meant to hurt anyone.  Four more fake bombs were discovered, addressed to California Senator Kamala Harris, billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and former National Security Director James Clapper.
Sayoc is a bodybuilder, and claimed to be an American Indian from the Seminole tribe, but reports indicate that his father was Filipino and his mother is Italian.  He reportedly lived in his van, as he had been kicked them out of his parent’s home.  Sayoc is a registered Republican.  Records show a total of eight arrests, including on suspicion of grand theft, fraud, drug possession, battery and probation violations.  He was arrested in 2002 after phoning in a bomb threat to Florida Power and Light, threatening blow them up “worse than Sept. 11,” if his power was shut off.  He pleaded guilty to charges of possessing illegal anabolic steroids with intent to distribute in 2004.
He was a promoter for Chippendales male strippers and worked delivering pizzas earlier this year.  Debra Gureghian, the pizza restaurant manager, said that Sayoc was “crazed” and was very angry and angry at the world, at blacks, Jews and gays.  Although, one report stated that Sayoc’s van was parked outside a kosher market at night for over a year.
FBI Director Christopher Wray said during a Friday press conference that “these were not “hoax” devices,” despite the fact that they were designed to not explode.
Infowars reported that despite Sayoc’s vehicle being festooned with pro-Trump stickers and him attending Trump rallies, the so-called ‘MAGA bomber’ doesn’t follow any Republicans or conservatives on Twitter, not even President Trump himself, instead, he chose to follow left-wing personalities like Lena Dunham, John Oliver, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and Barack Obama.  However, all of Sayoc’s tweets are pro-Trump and anti-Democrat.
Sayoc says he was didn’t do it.







Alleged ‘MAGA Bomber’ Cesar Sayoc Only Follows Left-Wing People on Twitter