Germany: 8,000 Protested Against Mass Immigration After German Citizen Was Stabbed to Death by Migrants. The Next Day, 50,000 People Attended a Free Concert Supporting Mass Immigration.

Thousands of Germans have been protesting against mass immigration in Chemnitz, Germany, in the week following the killing of a German citizen by migrants. The rallies have been met with counter-protests, and police have arrested 300. On Saturday, 8,000 people answered a joint call by far-right party AfD (Alternative for Germany) and PEGIDA to join a demonstration to mourn the death of Germans by migrants. This group vastly outnumbered an estimated 3,000 counter-protesters, including Green party and Social Democratic Party MPs, who had converged to take a stand against ‘racism’, which is their name for any opposition to immigration. The following day, 50,000 people attended a free concert supporting mass immigration.

Germany has accepted over one-million migrants, predominantly from the Middle East, since 2015. Crime has increased by 90%. [Although we are half-way around the world and cannot directly observe these movements, they appear strikingly similar to movements in the US in which both sides of the conflict are led by collectivists whose only real difference is that each side wants to control the government. They both believe essentially the same thing. In Germany, we suspect that the majority of anti-immigration protesters are NOT of the extreme right. as the news stories say, but people who have no organization to represent them. They are in the unenviable spot of being manipulated into supporting either the extreme leftists or the extreme rightists. Either way, their country and their culture will be destroyed. Furthermore, all of this is according to the globalist plan.] -GEG

Eighteen people were injured in rival demonstrations capping off a week marked by xenophobic protests in the eastern city of Chemnitz, prompting Germany’s foreign minister to urge Germans to “get off our sofas” and speak up against racism.

Chemnitz has been in the spotlight after violent far-right protests erupted over the fatal stabbing of a 35-year-old man, allegedly by a Syrian and an Iraqi last Sunday.

On Saturday, 8,000 people answered a joint call by far-right party AfD and Islamophobic PEGIDA street movement to descend once again on the streets of the former communist city which was in the erstwhile East Germany.

The mobilization vastly outnumbered a contingent of 3,000 counter protesters, including Green party and Social Democratic Party MPs, who had also converged to take a stand against racism.

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Additional Sources of Information:

InfoWars: Chemnitz Protester: I Can’t Take My Daughter or Wife into the City Anymore because of Harassment by Migrants

The Local: Tens of Thousands Pack Anti-Racism Concert in Chemnitz

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50,000 Insane Germans on the loose in Germany.

Joe H.
Joe H.

My wife was accosted in a supermarket (in the U.S.) by a “refugee” and he groped my wife! They should stop ALL immigration and ALL refugee resettlements! Americans had better grow some nerve and stand up to the globalists before the crap in the UK and Germany is reproduced here! It’s already started!