Censored: Israeli Defense Force Admitted Giving Cash and Weapons to Syrian Rebel Groups, then Demanded the Story be Dropped

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The Israeli Army admitted to the Jerusalem Post that it provided large amounts of cash, weapons, and ammunition to extremist Syrian rebels with the idea of keeping Hezbollah fighters and Iranian soldiers out of Syria’s borders.  Fursan al-Joulan was one of the groups the Israeli military admitted to subsidizing, which is noteworthy because it is one of the few rebel groups that refused the Russian evacuation deal in Southern Syria.  The military ordered the story to be censored shortly after it was published. -GEG

The Israeli army admitted to the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that they gave Syrian rebels “large amounts of cash, weapons and ammunition,” but then ordered the story to be censored shortly after it was published.

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The Israeli army has officially admitted that it provided large amounts of cash, weapons, and ammunition to extremist Syrian rebels.

This inconvenient fact will of course be ignored by the regime-change shills who absurdly claim to be “pro-Palestinian.”

From Antiwar:

The Jerusalem Post, a major Israeli newspaper, published an article on Wednesday quoting Israeli military officials as saying that they had been providing seven different Syrian rebel groups with “large amounts of cash, weapons and ammunition.”

Though the report did not name all of the rebel factions subsidized by Israel, it did name Fursan al-Joulan, a rebel group which had previously been accused of being in league with the Israeli military. This is particularly noteworthy because this was one of few rebel groups which refused the Russian evacuation deal in southern Syria. The report says all arming of the groups ended in July with the defeat of the last rebels in the area.

Even more interesting is that the Israeli military initially told Jerusalem Post this, and then forced the article to be taken down under military censorship rules. The Israeli military is legally empowered to censor the press, though it’s rare for the article to get published then taken down, as usually Israeli media outlets don’t start covering censored stories until international outlets break them first.

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John Timothy Vian
John Timothy Vian
2 years ago

What’s remarkable, practically every church in America believes that this is the Israel of Bible prophecy, when Isaiah 11:-16; 66:15-24 and Luke 21:24 makes it perfectly clear that the real migration back to the motherland wil not happen until after the wicked are destroyed. The end of the times of the gentiles is when every city around the world is laid waste and the kingdoms fall. However, it has happened exactly how Isaiah 6:9-13 said it would.