Another East German Town Erupts in Protests After German Citizen Dies Following a Brawl with Migrants

Anti-immigration protests continue in Chemnitz, while new protests are developing in Kothen, after a 22-year-old German man died following a brawl with two Afghan nationals.  The victim reportedly fell and hit is head during a fight when he intervened in an argument involving three Afghan men and a pregnant woman.  Authorities are pushing the narrative that the 22-year old died from a heart attack due to a pre-existing condition. RT reported that two water cannons were brought into town, and the mayor advised people to remain at home. [As usual, the media reports the anti-immigrant crowds as ‘right-wing’ and ‘neo-Nazi”, but we believe the vast majority of participants do not fit those labels. Yes, there are a few in the forefront whose mission is to provide an apparent justification for the report, but It’s just a means of leading readers to think that the only people who oppose rampant immigration are unsavory. Propaganda has never before been so finely honed.] -GEG

Far-right and opposition anti-fascist crowds have taken part in protests in Köthen in eastern Germany, where a German man earlier died following an alleged fight with Afghan men.

Police were deployed to help prevent violent clashes and the city’s mayor had advised residents to stay at home.

The 22-year-old fight victim was said to have died of a heart problem not directly linked to his head injuries sustained in the incident.

Two Afghan suspects have been arrested.

Prosecutors said that a post-mortem examination suggested the victim, who reportedly intervened in an argument involving three Afghan men and a pregnant woman, did not die directly as result of the injuries he suffered when he fell and hit his head during the fight.

On Sunday, a crowd marched through the city and lit candles as a tribute the victim.

A local pastor, Martin Olejnicki, said that every effort now had to be made to ease tensions, adding that the church would pray every day “for the victim, his family members and peace in the city”.

“It is always a kind of danger – we just had Chemnitz – and so things could escalate and I believe nobody wants that,” he said. “That’s why we are trying to appease all sides and to talk to people and tell them that it’s not the moment to let things escalate.”

Earlier, neo-Nazi groups took to social media to call for protests in Köthen, which is about 160km (100 miles) north of Chemnitz, where a similar incident sparked violent protests two weeks ago.

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