South Africa Officially Begins Its Program of Seizing White-Owned Farms

South Africa, Pixabay
The South African government recently offered to buy two farms for $1.8 million when they are valued at $18-million. When the owners refused, the communist government evicted them from their land. This is the beginning of a previously announced program that will apply to the entire country. There is little doubt that this will cause a decline in agricultural productivity land an increase in poverty and hunger – but the communist government places the political value of a single-race program above all other considerations. -GEG

The South African government is believed to have seized at least two farms owned by white South Africans after those farmers refused a government offer of one-tenth their land’s value, beginning what experts believe to be a country-wide “expropriation” of white-owned land.

According to reports, the South African government offered to buy land from two white farmers in the country’s northern region of Limpopo. After the two farmers quoted their price (around $18 million) the government came back with offers one-tenth of asking, a mere $1.8 million. When the farmers refused the offer, the government issued a summons, evicting the farmers from their land.

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An award-winning South African winemaker foresees a potential catastrophe as government steers the country from socialism to a communistic failed state.

Josef Dreyer of Raka Wines addressed the developing land expropriation process and the danger South Africa faces if it further cripples private industry and entrepreneurs who are barely propping up a populace heavily dependent on tax dollars being contributed by a precious few.

“We are one of the countries with a wide gap between the rich and the poor, where 13 percent of the South African population of 56 million people are the ones paying income taxes,” Dreyer said in his interview with RT. “Yes, 13 percent make the country run. 18 million of the 56 million is reliant on social grants, and unemployment is at 37.5 percent, so yes it is much easier to hand out land as the money is drying up.”

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Ronald Blewett
Ronald Blewett
2 years ago

Why doesnt the interfereing world improving state department go in here and foment regime change, at least this is a cause which would be just, get rid of the terrorists who took over when the chief terrorist, Mandela, instituted change here for the worse. This country will go down the same descendency into dystopia, poverty, rampant corruption, and inflation as their neighbour to the north, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe

2 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Blewett

The US will not interfere in SA political insurgency without permission form the Russian that is a regional operations zone of the Putin regime. SA is part of a growing international alliance that China and Russia have been diplomatically procuring for some time. Western Powers are still in a Cold War type competition with the growing Russian/China expansion of cooperating states. Study the CELAC agreements and the recent interventions in Argentina and Mexico. It is very clear that we live in an “Age of Insurgency” and that America is being assimilated by factions of those corporate activities. War isn’t… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Ronald Blewett

Yes Sir. Like the rampant poverty & rampant corruption going on in America, right now. Matthew 7:1-5 ” You hypocrite, first take the beam out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck from your brother’s eye.”