EPA Retreats on Trump Campaign Promise. Costly Ozone Regulations Will Continue.

Former head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, recently resigned due to intense political pressure and death threats against his family. President Trump replaced him with Andrew Wheeler who now has discontinued efforts to repeal the job-killing ozone smog regulations imposed by the Obama administration. This is a retreat from the campaign promises of President Trump who had singled out the ozone standards as one of four EPA regulations that definitely would be eliminated. The EPA is planning to address the issue of reforms to the regulations in 2020, and will consider naturally-occurring ozone and pollution blown in from other countries that affects state compliance.  -GEG

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) won’t repeal or revise Obama-era ground-level ozone regulations “at this time,” according to court filings, signaling a retreat on one of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

Justice Department attorneys told a federal court Wednesday that EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler would discontinue efforts to repeal ozone, or smog, regulations imposed in 2015 by the Obama administration. Conservative groups were dismayed with EPA’s retreat from a regulatory battle they’ve been waging for years.

“This is very disturbing because it will affect manufacturing, energy production and its costs, and jobs for Americans,” Daniel Kish, a distinguished senior fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Trump administration will now defend Obama-era ozone regulations in court against a coalition of states and industries suing to have them overturned. The recent court filings were part of this case, which former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was party to while Oklahoma’s attorney general.

“While EPA officials in the current administration may have supported making different judgments about the significance of background concentrations of ozone and how to judge what standards are requisite to protect public health and welfare, the agency at this time does not intend to revisit the 2015 rule,” government attorneys wrote in their court filing.

However, a source with knowledge of EPA’s decision told TheDCNF the agency is looking forward to the next ozone review as an opportunity to address concerns about the rule. (RELATED: EPA Reverses Course, Will Now Enforce Obama-Era Regulations On Used Trucks)

By focusing the future, the source said, EPA hopes to get a new ozone standard done by 2020 complete with reforms to the process, including more consideration for naturally-occurring ozone and pollution blown in from other countries that affects state compliance.

The year 2020 is also an election year, meaning it could be strategically timed to bolster Trump’s re-election effort. Former President Barack Obama intentionally delayed ozone regulations until after the 2012 election to not jeopardize his re-election, The New York Times reported in 2011.

Trump singled out the 2015 ozone standards as one of four major EPA regulations that would be eliminated, including the Clean Power Plan, Waters of the U.S. rule and issues with the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The Obama administration lowered the national ozone standard in 2015 from 75 to 70 parts per billion, arguing it would save lives and improve public health. Those claims aside, states and industry groups quickly sued, arguing such standards could be the most expensive clean air regulations ever.

“This is a very costly regulation, and runs against the grain of the regulatory rollbacks that have enabled the incredible economic growth under the Trump Administration,” Kish said.

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Antifa Member and Ethics Professor Escapes Punishment after Bashing Trump Supporters with A Bike Lock

Eric Clanton, a philosophy and ethics professor at Diablo Valley College, was granted a plea deal and will receive probation instead of punishment following his violent attacks on Trump supporters. Police report that he bashed seven people with a bike lock at Berkeley in April 2017. Clanton was charged with four counts of felony assault and faced 11 years in prison. One victim, Sean Stiles, pressed charges against him over the brutal attack that, fortunately, was captured on video. [The judicial system now protects the privileged leftist class and is no longer capable of serving justice. So, what do we do about it? A good place to begin is Red Pill University.]

The Daily Caller:

A California professor accused of bashing an individual in the head with a bike lock received three years of probation on Wednesday.

California convicted former Diablo Valley College ethics professor Eric Clanton of misdemeanor simple battery, but dropped three felony assault charges, according to the Alameda Superior Court database.

Clanton allegedly smacked an individual on the head with a bike lock in Berkeley, California, on April 15, 2017. Users on the social media site 4chan matched the former professor’s clothing, backpack straps and facial structure to that of the assailant. Police arrested Clanton on May 24, 2017.

Clanton originally faced up to 11 years in prison. He was supposed to have a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but instead entered into a plea deal, reported Berkeleyside. Clanton submitted a “no contest” plea for misdemeanor battery and, in exchange, had three felony assault charges, a felony for inflicting serious bodily injury, and a misdemeanor mask-wearing charge dismissed.

Berkeley police reported that the former professor had hit at least seven people in the head with a bike lock. He allegedly hit one victim in the back and neck, another on a helmet, severing a piece of it off, and another across the head, creating a wound that needed five staples to mend.

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US College Rejects Student Applicant for Following Alex Jones on Twitter

Bradley Shear, an attorney who specializes in social-media cases, reported that he has a 17-year old client who was interviewing for admission to a top US college but, instead of being asked about his grades, extracurricular activities, or volunteer work, he was asked why he followed Infowars host Alex Jones on Twitter. Shear says universities are attempting to reshape society by discriminating against students based on political ideologies and by marginalizing conservative viewpoints. He warned teens to audit their digital profiles and lock down their social-media accounts during the college-application process, in addition to preventing their web-surfing history from being collected by an admissions committee. [This is happening in the United States of America, land of the free! So, what do we do about it? A good place to begin is Red Pill University.] -GEG

College applicants are being rejected for merely following the Alex Jones account on Twitter, a digital privacy expert has warned.

Bradley Shear, who runs the Shear on Social Media Law blog, claims one of his clients was rejected from a prestigious college after an admissions interviewer scoured the student’s social media account and found he followed Alex Jones on Twitter.

While one of my legal clients (a 17 year old teen) was being interviewed by one of the most competitive colleges in the country he was asked why he was following Alex Jones on Twitter. My client, a teenager expected to talk about his stellar grades, top test scores, amazing extracurricular activities and volunteer work, but the interviewer focused on who he was connecting with online. My client had never “liked” or re-tweeted any of Mr. Jones’ content. His alleged “transgression” was that he followed Mr. Jones on Twitter. That was it.

Shear researched the student’s social media account and found he was a supporter of Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders, whom Alex Jones certainly does not support.

Shear says he managed to satisfactorily resolve the student’s issue after speaking with the admissions director, who “didn’t want any negative publicity about this matter.”

The admissions office investigation into his client’s social media connections is a troubling sign universities are attempting to reshape society by discriminating against students based on political ideologies, Shear explains.

“This data collection and usage is an entirely new level of social engineering that is trying to change society,” warns Shear, pointing to a Washington Post study which found students already enter college with a more hostile view on free speech than 50 years ago.

“While I am not a listener or supporter of Mr. Jones’… his audience has every right to watch his videos and listen to him and connect with him online since we live in a free country,” notes the online privacy advocate, adding he rejects Jones’ 9/11 inside job theories.

“Unfortunately, some college admissions officials believe that applicants who connect with him online regardless of whether they believe Mr. Jones’ theories should not be provided an opportunity to attend the country’s most prestigious higher education institutions.”

The problem, which includes admissions offices scouring through students’ Google search history, is endemic among Ivy league and other prestigious universities, where conservative viewpoints are extremely marginalized.

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Israeli and Saudi Forces Strike Civilian Targets as War Heats Up in the Middle East

Israel military is attacking Palestinian civilians in retaliation against Hamas for launching rockets into Israeli territory. As in the past, these battles are skewed heavily against the Palestinians. For example, during the 2014 Gaza War when six Israelis died, Israeli soldiers killed more than 2,300 Palestinians. Today, Saudi military killed more than 50 Palestinians, mostly children, in an air strike on a school bus.

[Many people believe that criticism of the Israeli government is the equivalent of antisemitism. However, before jumping to that conclusion, be sure to hear Morphonios’ comments near the end of this report. We must not be fooled into thinking that all Jews should be blamed for the crimes of some Jews who call themselves Zionists – any more than all Americans should be blamed for the crimes of some Americans who call themselves globalists. Furthermore, if anyone can provide credible evidence that Jake’s facts are wrong, please send them to us, and we will publish them to set the record straight. Our goal is, not to show loyalty to one side or the other in this conflict but simply to present the truth.] -GEG


Summary by JW Williams

Jake Morphonios explains that Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed multiple civilians, including a pregnant woman and her child, claiming that the Palestinians launched 150 rockets, thus justifying retaliation. In 1967, the Israeli government militarily seized vast swathes of Palestinian land, and to prevent the Palestinians from returning to their homes, Israel built Jewish-only housing settlements. Since then, a very small number of Palestinian radical militants occasionally launch relatively primitive rockets into Israel, and this is used as an excuse by the IDF to react with a brutal military response for collective punishment to the entire Palestinian population. During the Gaza War of 2014, Operation Protective Edge, was extremely lopsided when Israel killed 2,300 Palestinians (and 75% were non-combative civilians) while the Palestinians fired over 4,500 small rockets into Israel that killed a grand total of six people. During the six-week conflict, Israel destroyed more than 17,000 Palestinian homes and 244 schools. Jake Morphonios believes that Israel now is preparing a repeat of the 2014 massacre. He also warns against a potential false-flag operation to justify an aggressive war with Iran and Yemen – in the name of righteous retaliation.

Today, the Saudi military blew up a school bus that killed at least 50 people, mostly children. Incredibly, the Saudis said the attack was justified. The Saudis have had a continuous blockade on the ports of Yemen, which has contributed to mass starvation and the worst cholera outbreak in the last century. Unfortunately, the Saudis are militarily backed by the US government, with President Trump’s endorsement.



FDA Buying Aborted Baby Tissue to Create Humanized Mice. Really!

The FDA is negotiating to buy aborted baby tissue to create ‘humanized mice’ with a human immune system to be used for drug testing. Researcher, Dr. David Prentice, criticized the FDA, saying that use of aborted fetal tissue fosters government-sponsored participation in unethical research and continued use of outdated scientific methods. Genetically engineered (so-called humanized) mice already have been created using other sources, including umbilical-cord blood cells and peripheral-blood stem cells. -GEG

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has contracted with Advanced Bioscience Resource (ABR) –  a biomedical company referred for federal criminal investigation – to provide “fresh” aborted baby tissue to engineer humanized mice for drug experimentation.

A new report from CNSNews.com quotes an FDA notice dated June 13 to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which oversees the FDA:

The Government intends to solicit and negotiate directly with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) Inc. and no solicitation will be issued. The objective is to acquire Tissue for Humanized Mice. ABR is the only company that can provide the human fetal tissue needed to continue the ongoing research being led by the FDA. Fresh human tissues are required for implantation into severely immune-compromised mice to create chimeric animals that have a human immune system. This human immune system allows us to test biological drug products for safety and efficacy.

According to the Congressional Research Service, “Fetal tissue used in research is obtained from elective abortions.”

The FDA signed its contract with ABR – which is located in the San Francisco Bay area – on July 25 and paid the company $15,900 for the fetal tissue from abortions, according to a General Services Administration contract.

Terence Jeffrey at CNSNews.com writes:

[B]y issuing a contract to acquire human fetal tissue to use in making mice with human immune systems, the FDA is using federal tax dollars to create a demand for human body parts that must be taken from babies who are aborted.

Because it would not be able to create its “humanized mice” without fresh tissue taken from aborted babies, the FDA also has an interest in the continuation of legalized abortions at a stage in fetal development when the tissue needed to create these mice can be retrieved from the aborted baby.

The report comes following several years of congressional investigation into the abortion industry’s alleged complicit relationship with biomedical companies, such as ABR, that purchase the body parts of aborted babies. Supposedly, the U.S. Department of Justice launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices with regard to the sale of fetal body parts last December.

In December 2016, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote in a letter to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former FBI director James Comey that he was referring “the paid fetal tissue practices of the following organizations…to the FBI and the Department of Justice for investigation and potential prosecution,” and named ABR as one of the organizations:

  • StemExpress, LLC;
  • Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc.
  • Novogenix Laboratories, LLC
  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
  • Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
  • Planned Parenthood Northern California
  • Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

“I don’t take lightly making a criminal referral,” Grassley said in a statement at the time. “But, the seeming disregard for the law by these entities has been fueled by decades of utter failure by the Justice Department to enforce it. And, unless there is a renewed commitment by everyone involved against commercializing the trade in aborted fetal body parts for profit, then the problem is likely to continue.”

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – which conducted an undercover investigation revealing the alleged illegal practices of Planned Parenthood and its partners in the fetal tissue procurement industry – stresses that ABR is already under federal investigation.

Advanced Bioscience Resources is under federal investigation right now for colluding with Planned Parenthood to sell aborted baby body parts for profit,” CMP said in a statement. “It is unconscionable that the United States government is still paying top-dollar in taxpayer money for the freshest, most high-quality dismembered baby hearts, lungs, livers, and brains.”

“By custom-ordering late-term aborted baby body parts for sale from Planned Parenthood partners like ABR, the FDA is directly complicit in these abortions and implies that these kids are worth more to the U.S. Government dead than alive,” the group continued. “HHS must provide full transparency and immediately terminate any and all such contracts, and the U.S. Department of Justice needs to do their job and hold ABR, Planned Parenthood, and those like them accountable to the law.

Tom McClusky, president of March for Life Action, also said in a statement sent to Breitbart News that such contracts initiated by the federal government “should be immediately terminated and the baby body parts trafficking industry shut down.”

“After an undercover investigation and Congressional investigation exposed the horrors of an industry that harvests and sells baby body parts, there is no excuse for anyone, much less the taxpayer-funded federal government to enter into contracts that prop up this gruesome practice,” he said.

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