Patriot Examines Creepy Slides Used during a Secret Government Retreat

August 3, 2018 Grindall61 0

Gary Gileno uncovers a slide presentation that was used in a secret vacation retreat for California mayors, city council members, city managers, and county supervisors. The slides include such things as war games in local areas, to ‘Smart City’ programs to control the population, to laws that encourage crime and allow for the early release of violent criminals.


Majority of Liberals and Democrats Say Illegal Aliens Should Be Given the Right to Vote

August 3, 2018 Breitbart 3

A new poll shows that 54% of Democrat voters and 53% of liberal voters want 12-million illegal aliens residing in the US to have the right to vote if they pay taxes. Nearly 60% of all voters said illegal aliens should not be given voting rights. Giving the illegal-alien population the right to vote would almost ensure Democrat dominance in statewide and national elections, because foreign populations are vastly more likely to favor Democrats because of the the welfare programs they advocate.