Michael Moore: “We Have to Put Our Bodies on the Line” and Surround Capitol to Stop Trump

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore ramped up emotion that leads to violence by calling for people to “put their bodies on the line” to bring down the Trump presidency, and characterized him as a sociopath who presents a “singular threat to humanity.” He claimed that thousands of children are being kidnapped and put in jails, but neglected to say that their parents broke the law. He also proposed surrounding the capitol with a million people to stop Trump from appointing a new Supreme Court justice before the midterm elections in November when he expects Democrats to win more seats.

Michael Moore on Friday said he would rally on Capitol Hill with a million others to keep lawmakers from confirming President Trump’s pick to succeed outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the liberal filmmaker and activist said he’d participate in a wide-scale protest to prevent the Senate from approving the president’s second Supreme Court nominee, assuming Republican leadership schedules a vote before the November midterm elections when Democrats risk gaining control.

“We’ve got to hold the Democratic seats we have, but look, 90 percent of incumbents are always returned,” Mr. Moore. “The Democrats in Montana and North Dakota, West Virginia, they’ve got to do their job, they’ll do their job. Our job is to win Nevada, Arizona and Tennessee and they could all be won!”

“But the vote’s going to take place before then, no?” responded comedian Bill Maher, the program’s host.

Nearly four months until midterms, Mr. Moore said Democrats “have to find ways” in the interim to stop the Senate from voting on whoever Mr. Trump picks to replace Justice Kennedy, who announced his retirement earlier this week.

“‘Find ways?’ What does that mean? Like what?” asked Mr. Maher.

“I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol,” replied Mr. Moore. “I will stand there. I will put my- Bill, let me tell you something. If this judge goes through, for at least the rest of all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

The Oscar-winning “Bowling for Columbine” director added that he plans to release a new political film prior to Election Day with the goal of getting millions of people to the polls.

“We’re going to bring Trump down,” Mr. Moore said.

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