Iran: Violent Protests over ​Inflation, Alliance with ​Syria, Water Shortages and More!


Iran may be on the brink of revolution as protest rage across the country over its collapsing currency, high unemployment, drought, impending US sanctions and a ban on its oil.  Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams say that it is likely that the CIA is agitating the situation to create the conditions for regime change.

Iran may be on the brink of revolution because its currency has lost almost half of its value over the past 6 months, inflation has increased by 20% in a matter of weeks, unemployment rates are estimated to be as high as 40%, US sanctions are around the corner and the US is trying to shut down Iran’s oil trade.

The Trump administration wants to stop US trading partners from buying Iranian crude oil by November as part of re-imposed sanctions against Iran.  Prices will increase even more as Europe, Japan, South Korea and India will be forced to find new sources.

In addition, a drought has been made more severe by mismanagement by the government.  Over the weekend, police shot at people in a southern city demonstrating over water shortages, attacking banks a bridge and public buildings.

Iranians are rebelling against the hardline authoritarian regime, and, when the government sent in forces to neutralize the protesters, the soldiers were beaten down and chased away.

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams who criticized Trump for canceling our nuclear agreement with Iran despite Iran adhering to the pact.  They commented that Trump’s efforts to hobble Iran’s oil trade will most likely result in higher gasoline prices, despite Trump’s call for OPEC to increase production.

The pair also questioned the story that the Iranian people were calling for their government to stop protecting Syria, and that they are now chanting “death to Palestine” instead of the usual chants of “death to Israel” and “death to America.”   They have strong suspicions that the CIA is involved in agitating the people in order to achieve regime change, just as it did in 1956 when the agency covertly overthrew Mossadeq.

Footnote: A 2012 Hillary Clinton email, published by WikiLeaks, called for toppling the governments of Syria and Iran in order to maintain Israel’s nuclear monopoly in the region.



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