Sweden: An Activist Stopped a Plane from Take-Off in Order to Save an Afghan Migrant from Deportation.  That Migrant Is Now in Jail.

Student Elin Ersson boarded a plane at Gothenburg airport and refused to take her seat in order to prevent the scheduled deportation of an Afghan man who was was on the flight.  The Swedish media is now reporting that the 52-year old Afghan man who Ersson temporarily delayed from being deported was convicted of criminal assault “abuse” and was sentenced to two years in prison before he will be expelled from the country.  She excused her actions by saying that she had no information about the man or why he was being deported.

Update: Finnish G

Save My Sweden:

According to Helsingin Sanomat, [the 52-year-old Afghan man] has received a prison sentence in Sweden for abuse. The newspaper also writes that his asylum application was rejected and that he should be expelled to Afghanistan. He will still be expelled, but when is unclear.

– “I had no information about him before and did not find out later. It was him as human I tried to help, and did not focus on what he had previously done in his life. It was my personal decision,” says Elin Ersson to Dagens Nyheter, who also writes that he has been sentenced to imprisonment.

Hanif Bali claims on Twitter that the man has been sentenced to two years in prison and expulsion because of criminal assault.

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Finland: Woman Tries to Stop Plane to Prevent Migrant’s Deportation, Gets Swiftly Arrested

From Information Liberation:


On Tuesday police at Helsinki Airport removed Aino Pennanen, the legal officer of Finland’s Greens party, from a plane for refusing to be seated. Pennanen said she was protesting the deportation of a fellow passenger.

Police cited Pennanen for causing an aviation misdemeanour but she is not suspected of having committed a crime.

Pennanen broadcast live video of her protest on Facebook as it unfolded on Tuesday. The plane’s departure was delayed by about ten minutes.

She thought she was going to achieve social media fame and be the next Elin Ersson, instead she was arrested immediately and managed to delay the plane for only ten minutes.

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Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ Plan Would Cost $32 Trillion and More Than Double Taxes

According to a study by Dr. Charles Blahous, senior research strategist at the Mercatus Center senior and former trustee for Social Security and Medicare, the ‘Medicare for All program proposed by Bernie Sanders would cost $32.6 trillion over the course of ten years.  The cost is so high that even doubling all federal individual and corporate income tax collections would fall short of fully funding the plan. [The ignorant clamor for it, anyway, thinking that, somehow, they will escape paying ‘their fair share’. They also think they actually will receive good medical care. Ignorance contains it’s own punishment.] -GEG

A “Medicare for all” proposal would cost the federal government more than $32 trillion over the course of ten years. That’s according to a new study by Charles Blahous, Mercatus Center senior research strategist and former public trustee for Social Security and Medicare.

Dr. Blahous analyzed the “Medicare for All Act” (M4A), legislation introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) last September, in an effort to determine how much such a proposal would cost the federal government.

Here are the numbers:

  • M4A total cost over its first ten years: $32.6 trillion
  • Federal spending on healthcare by 2031: 12.7 percent of all economic activity in the United States

Other studies aimed at estimating the cost of providing Medicare-like coverage to all Americans had similar findings.

  • A 2016 Center for Health and Economy (CHE) study of the same proposal estimated more than $27 trillion more in federal budget deficits

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New York Times Says White Population in New Hampshire Is A ‘Problem’

A recent New York Times Twitter says, “New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.” Reporter, Matt Walsh, shows that this is one of the most racist statements one can imagine and proves it by showing how it would sound if it were written about Detroit, instead of New Hampshire.
[The issue, however, is deeper than that. Apparently, the Times believes that skin color is the most important factor in creating a sense of community. The ‘new arrivals’ described here are, of course, immigrants who are bringing with them, not only a difference in skin color, but a huge difference in culture, which they intend to see replace the culture that now exists in New Hampshire. The fact that the Times sees skin color – any skin color – of a community as ‘a problem’ but sees no problem with the influx of a foreign culture which is fundamentally opposed to the traditional values of America, speaks loudly about the mindset of the paper’s owners and editors. What is that mindset? It is that that they are committed to a strategy of changing the traditional American culture in which there was an inward force tending to bind all citizens together by those things they have in common and to replace it with an outward force tending to divide citizens into factions promoting those things they do not have in common. They do this because they seek the fracturing and dismantling of the former unified and sovereign nation and the absorption of its leftover parts into a global government based on the totalitarian model of collectivism. Please read that again. It explains almost everything that is going on inside formerly powerful nations that, if they remained as they were two generations ago, could not be conquered by the globalists within their midst. Once you understand this strategy you will never again think that the leaders of the world or the media giants have gone mad. They know exactly what they are doing.] -GEG

If Twitter is looking to weed out the racism on its platforms, it may want to start with The New York Times. The paper recently published one of the most racist tweets you’ll ever see: “New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to change that.”

Attached to the tweet is a bigoted screed about New Hampshire’s whiteness infestation. It begins with the sad tale of a certain Catalina Celentano, who moved to the state and discovered, to her horror, that most of its residents speak English. “She found herself in an ethnic vacuum,” the author reports. One worries how Ms. Celentano will react when she learns that the vast majority of the Earth is a non-Spanish speaking “vacuum.”

The article continues:

New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

It has also posed problems for employers in these states, who find that their homogeneity can be a barrier to recruiting and retaining workers of different ethnicities and cultural background.

The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that New Hampshire — which is 94 percent white — might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.

Let us now consider how this all would look if it was written about any other race. Imagine the reaction if The New York Times published something like this:

Detroit, like Atlanta and Birmingham, is nearly all black. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

It has also posed problems for employers in these states, who find that their homogeneity can be a barrier to recruiting and retaining workers of different ethnicities and cultural background.

The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that Detroit — which is 83 percent black — might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.

Change just a few words and suddenly it becomes extremely racist. Or rather, its racism suddenly becomes apparent to even the most obtuse observer. It is racist to treat the preponderance of a certain race as an objective problem. It is racist to try and lower the percentages of a certain race just for the sake of lowering it. It is racist to move to an area and accuse it of being an “ethnic vacuum” just because most of the residents have a different ethnicity from your own. It would be racist if I went to South Korea and scolded it for being Korean, and it is racist if Hispanics follow a similar procedure when they come to America.

The only way to alleviate the racism in this case is to arbitrarily declare that racism, by definition, applies only to the prejudices of white people, but never to the prejudices against them. This is not the definition that you’ll find in the dictionary, but it is the definition advanced by the left-wing extremists running academia.

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‘Quiet Skies’ Is a New Secret Federal Marshals Program to Spy on Ordinary Americans Who Travel by Plane

A new federal program profiles and surveils ordinary US citizen travelers who otherwise have no legitimate reason for being profiled.  Law abiding citizens could be subjected to being followed by a team of armed US Air Marshals, taking minute-by-minute notes whether or not they engage in such threatening behavior as sleeping on the plane, using a phone, going to the bathroom or talking to other passengers.  The biggest irony, as several Air Marshals observed, is that that potentially illegal program which infringes on the privacy and constitutional rights of US citizens, is also being paid for by those very same US citizens. Just like with the NSA.

If you’re a law abiding US citizen, a team of armed undercover US Air Marshals could be following you on your next flight, taking minute-by-minute notes whether or not you engage in such threatening behavior as sleeping on the plane, using a phone, going to the bathroom or talking to other passengers.

The Boston Globe has revealed a new federal program that profiles and surveils ordinary US citizen travelers who otherwise have no legitimate reason for being profiled. The secret program, called “Quiet Skies”, was set up to monitor US citizens with no prior record and who don’t result in red flags being raised at the airport. The people surveiled and followed in this program are, according to a TSA memo cited by the Globe article, “not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base”.

In essence, the program gives the TSA the option to monitor and track whoever it likes for any reason whatsoever, effectively granting TSA agents a green light to violate anyone’s personal privacy even as the legal and constitutional implications of such profiling remain unknown. And, understandably, internal pushback against the relatively new program  has emerged as some Federal Air Marshals have noted that it is a drain on resources and is way too time consuming and costly.

Further, concerns have been raised by legal experts, like Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor, who said that “if this was about foreign citizens, the government would have considerable power. But if it’s US citizens — US citizens don’t lose their rights simply because they are in an airplane at 30,000 feet.”

Predictably, the TSA defended the program to the Boston Globe when asked and declined to note for the article whether or not the program has been successful in stopping any threats. In fact, it wouldn’t even confirm that the program existed. But documents provided to the Boston Globe by FSA sources confirm that this highly controversial program does, in fact, exist.

So if you’re not on any terrorist watch list and you are not under investigation by the Federal Government, what exactly do armed Air Marshals look for when a “small team of them” watches you as you fly or home to visit relatives for the holidays?

Amazingly, the red flag “triggers” for in depth surveillance involve behaviors that essentially all passengers are susceptible to, such as:

  • whether or not passengers fidget
  • whether or not they are using a computer on the flight
  • whether or not they stare off into space
  • face touching
  • exaggerated emotions
  • whether or not a subject has lost or gained weight from the information provided to authorities
  • whether or not the subject has facial hair, tattoos, piercings,
  • whether not they slept during the flight
  • whether not they use the bathroom on the flight
  • how they were picked up when they arrive.

The full “behavior checklist”, uploaded on the Boston Globe website,  is both astonishing and frightening.

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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Solves Illegal Alien Homelessness and Overcrowding by Putting Them up in Hotels

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau caused his country’s illegal immigration crisis by inviting immigrants.   Last year, there were more than 20,000 illegal aliens seeking asylum, and this year there have been more than 5,000 asylum seekers so far.    Border crossers are clogging the asylum system, flooding homeless shelters and are being moved out of college dormitories to make way for students.  But Trudeau has a new solution: Move hundreds of immigrants into hotels where they will live at public expense.  Canada could halt the illegal crossing with the stroke of a pen- but it won’t because it doesn’t serve the people, but has a different master.

‘Democrat Socialist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Explains Her Political Platform. It Is Merely A New Name for Marxism.

So-called Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising star in the Democrat party, is campaigning for free health care, free college tuition, subsidized housing, open borders, tax-supported renewable energy, and a minimum wage for everyone. To fund these programs, she says that the ultra-wealthy should pay their fair share, and corporations should pay a 28% tax rate, which would collect $2 trillion. [She is clueless that corporations never pay taxes, because every penny of what they pay is passed on to the consumers of their products and services in the form of higher prices. The people who vote for Alexandria will end up paying all the corporate taxes they think are so great. She also is clueless that higher taxes for those who succeed in business will drive them from the country (leaving many of their their former employees out of work and living in tents. She is totally clueless about economic fundamentals in spite of her degree in Economics at Boston College – or perhaps it is BECAUSE of her degree. She will be perfect as a Pied Piper to lead a parade of clueless socialists to the Democrat Party – and then to oblivion.] -GEG

Campus Reform interviewed supporters of newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to discover how they expect to fund her “free” programs, and it would be funny, if it weren’t so sad, when they realize that the people pay for “freebies” with their taxes. Millennials are now the largest voting block. Success has been demonized in America.

The Koch Brothers, Mega-Donors to the GOP, Threaten to Support Democrats If Republicans Don’t Support Open Borders

GOP mega-donor Koch brothers are threatening to support Democrats in the midterm if their Republican opponents oppose Open Borders and job-killing ‘free trade’ deals that benefit multinational corporations. Most recently, the head of a Koch organization said it was “unacceptable” for Trump and Republicans to ever support reducing immigration to America—where more than 1.5 million foreign nationals are admitted every year. Ironically, a majority of conservatives now oppose ALL immigration. Under pressure from the Kochs, Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) and Chairman of the GOP-majority House Appropriations Committee voted in favor of new asylum rules hidden in a Homeland Security spending bill that would give at least 32-million Central Americans the right to migrate to the US. -GEG

Pro-mass immigration GOP mega-donor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening to support Democrats who push for open borders and multinational free trade in the upcoming midterm elections.

During a conference with millionaire and billionaire donors, officials with the Kochs’ network of organizations said that they would gladly put funding in the pockets of Democrats so long as they support aspects of their agenda, which include promoting mass immigration and job-killing free trade deals.

“I know this is uncomfortable,” Americans for Prosperity CEO Emily Seidel told donors, according to CNBC. “If you are a Democrat and stand up to Elizabeth Warren to corral enough votes for financial reform that breaks barriers for community banks and families, you’re darn right we will work with you.”

“If you are a Republican who sits on the committee that wrote the worst spending bill in our country’s history and you voted for it, you’re darn right we will hold you accountable,” Seidel continued.

Charles Koch also threatened the GOP by hinting that he would fund Democrats in the midterm elections, telling the media, “I don’t care what initials are in front or after somebody’s name.”

As Breitbart News reported, the Koch brothers and their network of organizations have been on a campaign over the last few years to oppose President Trump’s popular plan to reduce legal immigration levels to raise the wages of America’s working and middle class.

Most recently, the head of a Koch organization said it was “unacceptable” for Trump and Republicans to ever support reducing immigration to the country—where more than 1.5 million foreign nationals are admitted every year—even though a majority of conservatives oppose all immigration.

On trade, the Koch networks have launched a million dollar ad campaign to oppose Trump’s popular tariffs to protect American jobs and industry that have brought jobs back to steel towns and have successfully led to the European Union conceding to drop trade barriers for U.S. companies.

In May, the Koch networks sent out mailers thanking Democrat lawmakers for pushing open borders policies, as Breitbart News reported. The Koch mailers, revealed by NPR, thank Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA), Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), and Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) for their push for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

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US Rep. Matt Gaetz to File Complaint with FEC Against Twitter for Shadow Ban. Twitter Stock Drops by Whopping 20% as It Loses Its Audience

Twitter’s stock dropped by 20% last week after user numbers declined, following in the footsteps of Facebook’s recent plummet.  Republicans and conservatives are being ‘shadow banned’ by Twitter, using multiple forms of subtle censorship and algorithms to cast their content into obscurity.  US Representative Matt Gaetz plans to file a complaint with the FEC against Twitter for a shadow ban against him, claiming that the social media company cannot use a federal law to claim it is neutral in order to dodge lawsuits, while at the same time, engaging in political censorship.

By JW Williams

US Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said that he will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against Twitter claiming that the social media company placed a ‘shadow ban’ in his account, limiting his visibility in Twitter’s search tool.  He said that Twitter claimed he the limit on is account was in response to his behavior.
Gaetz argued that Twitter may have illegally donated to the campaigns of his opponents on the left by prejudicing against his content and limiting his social media visibility.   He compared it to a billboard company refusing to provide space for one party, which the FEC would consider to be an illegal corporate donation.
An investigation from the far-left Vice Magazine found that only conservatives users were being subjected to the Twitter search filtering that impacted Gaetz.  The lawmaker said that Twitter and other social media platforms use the federal government to get rid of lawsuits that they want dismissed by using a provision stating that they are a neutral public forum, yet they are enacting political censorship.
Twitter responded to accusations of shadow ban censorship by denying that they use this tool, which they narrowly defined as “deliberately making someone’s content discoverable to everyone except the person who posted it.”  However, Twitter then admitted that it does shadow ban users by blocking tweets from accounts users choose to follow from showing up in their feeds.  What is the point of of a ‘follow’ button if tweets from people you want to follow don’t appear in your feed?
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey further admitted that users’ timelines are ranked, and those tweets deemed ‘irrelevant’ do not appear.  Dorsey was referring to a “quality filter” which is on by default. Most Twitter users don’t even know how to turn this filter ‘off’.
Twitter also said in their blog post, they use three signals when determining whether an account is a “bad faith actor” and will ultimately be ‘down ranked’ (shadow banned).  One of the signals includes how others interact with you, and if enough people mute or block you, your tweets get further down-ranked.  The left stages mass-blocking campaigns, weaponizing the system to silence and censor their opposition.
James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas recorded Pranay Singh, a direct messaging engineer for Twitter, on video admitting that the company uses shadow banning to censor conservatives and Republicans.
Twitter stock tumbled 20% Friday after user numbers declined.




FBI Has Ongoing Relationship with Left-Wing SPLC Group that Uses ‘Hate’ Designations to Target Its Enemies and Crush People

Tucker Carlson reported that the FBI has an “ongoing” relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing nonprofit that once placed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list.”  He said that the SPLC is a fraudulent enterprise and further stated that It’s a left-wing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people.  In addition, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon consult with the SPLC in policing their platforms for “hate speech” or “hate groups.”

  • The FBI has an ongoing relationship with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported.
  • The SPLC once placed HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list,” before backing down and removing him four months later.
  • The SPLC also works with Amazon, Twitter, Google and Facebook in their efforts to police their platforms.
  • The SPLC’s work has been plagued by inaccuracies and the group paid out a $3.3 million settlement in April.

The FBI has an “ongoing” relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing nonprofit that once placed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list.”

That’s according to an exclusive report from Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, who broke the news on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday.

“Well as you already know if you’ve been paying any attention at all, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraudulent enterprise,” said Carlson. “It’s a left-wing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people.”

“The SPLC has repeatedly been allowed to brief the FBI on alleged domestic terrorist threats to this country,” Carlson reported. “Disturbingly though, the relationship is ongoing, if you can believe it.”

“Despite multiple requests from this program, the FBI has refused to describe the extent of its collaboration with the SPLC, we’ve asked repeatedly, or even to explain why it continues to work with a group like that,” Carlson said, noting the agency would only offer bland statements.

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Trump Supporters Who Were Attacked by Leftists Win Right to Sue San Jose Police for ‘Stand Down’ Orders at 2016 Rally

California: Three judges ruled that Trump supporters who were attacked by leftists at a 2016 Trump rally may sue the police for funneling them into a violent crowd of anti-Trump protesters and refused to protect them.  The city tried to get the lawsuit dismissed by arguing that the Trump supporters should have expected to be assaulted at the rally.  The judges rejected the defense, siding with Trump supporters. The police claimed that they did not intervene because it could have led to more violence and even riots. 

Fourteen victims of anti-Trump rioters at a Trump campaign rally in San Jose, California in June 2016 filed a class action federal civil rights lawsuit in July against San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Police Chief Edgardo Garcia, the City of San Jose and several named and unknown attackers.

Dozens of Trump supporters were assaulted, spit on, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, chased, tackled and bloodied as they left the San Jose Trump rally by mobs of far left, Mexican nationalist, Socialist, SEIU and anarchist thugs.

One female Trump supporter was egged and spit on by hundreds of Mexican nationalists chanting “F*ck you!”
Another Trump supporter was cold-cocked with a bag of rocks while walking to his car and left bleeding.

One young Trump supporter was followed and cold-cocked and left bleeding as he walked to his vehicle.

Another woman was cornered by a mob of Mexican nationalist chanting “F*ck you!” They beaned her in the face with raw eggs and spit on her.

It was not until she lost her vision that the Marriott staff let her in.
Thanks Marriott!

(Note: The liberal Washington Post said she “taunted” them — by wearing a Trump shirt, smiling, and flashing the peace sign!)

They chased Trump supporters down the street.
They beat their heads.
Dozens of Trump supporters were beaten and bloodied.

One black Muslim chased down and tackled a young Trump supporter with his thug buddies. He later bragged about it on Twitter.

Several Trump supporters were cold-cocked and left staggering.
The San Jose police were noticibly absent.

Two of the victims filing suit were featured in national reporting over the attacks on them: A teenage boy who was rabbit-punched and then chased and tackled by the mob, and a woman who was chased, cornered and pelted with eggs and bottles by the mob.

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Republican Lawmaker Kevin Yoder Sneaks New Asylum Rules into Budget that Will Destroy US Borders

Republican Representative Kevin Yoder  advanced an amendment to a spending bill that would nullify Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to stop granting asylum to people who claim “credible fear” from gang violence and domestic violence, essentially throwing US borders wide open to hundreds of millions of migrants from Latin America.  Republican lawmakers are betraying Americans who voted for them by refusing to change immigration laws when they had the chance and majority in both the House and Senate.

By JW Williams
The Republicans’ Department of Homeland Security spending bill, which is a “must pass” budget, includes the ‘Price Amendment’ that could reverse Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reforms on asylum that stopped illegal aliens from claiming asylum under “credible fear” of gang violence or domestic violence.  Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out that if the new barometer for asylum status is whether a foreigner feels safe in his or her own country (and private home), we might as well throw the borders wide open.

This could cause hundreds of millions of people to migrate to America based on this interpretation of the law!  The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that 32 million new voting age adults could resettle in the US by 2036.  Democrats support this agenda to gain new voters while big business backs the agenda to gain cheap labor.
Republican Representatives Kevin Yoder and Rod Frelinghuysen allowed the amendment into the bill with only a sneaky voice vote.  If members were forced to vote on the record, and face accountability, the vote may have been different.
Three more amendments would allow more than triple the number of guest worker visas while eliminating per-country limits on employment-based green cards that would favor nationals from India and China to replace American workers in the tech industry.
Amazon and Microsoft applauded Yoder’s amendment that would fast-track 200,000 Indian visa-workers, who are willing to work long hours for low pay, in the pursuit of gaining citizenship and using chain migration to bring in their spouses, parents, children, and more.
American workers are being replaced by foreigners.
Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said, “There is at least one redeeming feature of the spending bill; the inclusion of $5 billion in border wall funding, which earned Congressman Yoder the praise and endorsement of President Trump. However, we would be remiss not to remind the administration that the border wall is absolutely useless with asylum laws that encourage thousands of economic migrants to make frivolous claims and then disappear into the illegal alien population.
“The only proper recourse is for several of these egregious provisions to be stripped in the House Rules Committee. If Congressman Yoder wants to join with Democrats to enact radical anti-borders immigration policies, he should do so when the American people are watching, with fair and open debate, not by hijacking must pass pieces of legislation.”
Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers who refuse to pass sensible immigration laws are the enemy of the American people.





Republican Leaders Say Putin Not Welcome in Capitol, But 87% of Republican Voters Want Another Trump-Putin Meeting

A recent poll found that 54% of Americans approved of Trump meeting again with Putin in the Fall, and an overwhelming 87% of Republicans backed the proposal. Nevertheless, top Republicans Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have put thumbs down on the meeting, which begs the question- who are they representing if not their constituents?

When asked about the merits of Trump’s invitation to Putin to attend a meeting in the US, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated “Well, I can only speak for the Congress. The speaker (Paul Ryan) and I have made it clear that Putin will not be welcome up here at the Capitol.”

Neither Republican Representatives McConnell nor Ryan actually are representing their constituents in this matter. A recent poll showed that 54% of those surveyed believe Trump’s proposal to host Putin in Washington, DC, in the fall is a good idea, while 87% of Republicans and 54% of independents were among those who approve of a second summit. Trump says he will postpone meeting until 2019, at the the conclusion of the Mueller investigation.