Florida: Illegal Alien Accused of Shooting Police Officer in the Head

July 27, 2018 Breitbart 1

An illegal alien, Wisner Desmaret, 29, from Haiti has been accused of shooting a police officer in the head, nearly killing him, and leaving him in critical condition.  Desmaret was previously arrested in 2011 after a standoff with police and arrested multiple times for trespassing. He should have been turned over to ICE following his first arrest, but never was.

GEG Commentary

Meghan McCain Explodes at Joy Behar on ‘The View’ TV Show, Saying It’s Dangerous to Normalize Socialism! However….

July 27, 2018 G. Edward Griffin 2

Whoopee Goldberg’s opening statement about the difference between a Democrat and a socialist was hilariously characteristic of those who are politically illiterate and use words they cannot define. If anyone is interested in my attempt to put all these undefinable words into context of an ideological clash between collectivism and individualism, please read my essay, The Chasm.