Something Unprecedented Happened at Bilderberg – Suggesting That Something Unprecedented About To Happen in The World

The Bilderberg meeting in Turin, Italy, over the weekend fell on the same dates as the G7 meeting that included leaders from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, plus leaders from the EU. A NATO defense meeting also took place at the same time. A primary focus of both groups was what to do about Russia and how to topple the Iranian government. The sheer number of top-level global leaders at Bilderberg this year is staggering – including a Cardinal from the Vatican. Russia and China, also held a policy-planning meeting on the same dates. It is apparent that the world is coalescing into two opposing military alliances, both of which are considering war as the likely resolution of their differences. [We are expected to support one side and oppose the other, but both sides embrace collectivism and oppose each other, not over ideology, but only on who will dominate. There are no good guys here.] -GEG