President Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Go-Between for Drug Dealers


At the request of Kim Kardashian, President Trump commuted the life sentence of Alice Johnson who was convicted 21 years ago of brokering the deals of a multi-million-dollar drug ring that trafficked thousands of pounds of cocaine. The motive behind this presidential pardon likely has little to do with Johnson and much to do with promoting pending legislation supported by George Soros and Black Lives Matter. If passed by Congress, the new law would make it more difficult to imprison criminals and would cause thousands of convicted criminals to be released. -GEG

President Trump announced that he will be commuting the sentence of drug trafficker, Alice Johnson, shortly after he had a meeting with Kim Kardashian.
Alice Johnson, 63, is a grandmother who writes plays. At least, that’s the friendly way she is described in the media. Recently, she was the subject of a video that portrayed her in a sympathetic light as a non-violent drug offender who spent 21 years in prison for a victimless crime. Sounds rather unfair, doesn’t it?
However, she received a life sentence for her role as a leader of a multi-million-dollar cocaine ring  that trafficked 4,400 to 6,600 pounds into the US from Colombia.  She acted as a broker for drug traffickers in Memphis in the early 1990s but says she never actually sold drugs to users – as though that makes a difference. The judge who sentenced her called her the ‘quintessential entrepreneur’ of the drug ring and said that the impact of 4,400 to 6,600 pounds of cocaine in the community was profound. It will never be known how many human lives were lost because of her leadership role in this activity.
Johnson’s case is not merely about drug possession or dealing, and neither is her pardon. It is likely that her pardon was motivated primarily to affect public opinion. Kardashian had been meeting with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and their clearly stated goal is to bring about the same changes in the criminal-justice system that are supported by George Soros and Black Lives Matter. In other words, this is about much more than Alice Johnson.
Those changes, currently described in the media as ‘prison-reform’, include releasing criminals back onto the streets without requiring bail pending trial. Without cash collateral, the worst criminals will skip out on court appearances. Soros has no problem with this and is funding election campaigns of local district attorneys and judges who agree. [A major portion of Soros funding everywhere in the world is used to support movements that lead to violence, a breakdown of civil order, and public acceptance of martial law as the necessary solution. Releasing criminal elements from prison is merely another example of this pattern. It’s disturbing to see President Trump falling in line with that program.]

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Fox Fetterworth
Fox Fetterworth

And it was damned high time to cut her loose. The sentence was ridiculous.

Paul G.
Paul G.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We look at drug dealers as criminals solely because government prohibition creates the environment for incredible profit instead of remaining a medical issue between individuals. While someone who becomes an ‘entrepreneur’ of a drug ring may have serious moral failings given the conditions at the time, the more egregious moral failing is that of the State for creating the black market in the first place. Liberty minded people need to have a consistent view of freedom and property rights and should be wary of buying into seductive collectivist positions based merely on… Read more »


The US government deals in drugs all day long, she cut into their business hence the dumb long sentence..pharma kills people daily, but thats ok

The truth about Alice Johnson, the drug dealer released by Trump
President Trump Commutes Prison Sentence of Kim Kardashian's Drug Dealer Mascot | Lucas Daniel Smith's Blog
David James
David James

As a volunteer Christian program facilitator at prison Chapels, I believe in the death penalty for murder, for some offenses against children, and for a number of other crimes, instead of sentences longer than 10 years. Also, a return to low paying hard labor for up to 10 years and outside prison for longer periods, as necessary to fit the crime, would likely result in less costly and more productive benefits to society. The legal system and prison system have become massive, corrupt, incentivized industries, which strip billions of dollars from taxpayers, but in return give us back millions of… Read more »