Peter Fonda Calls for Trump’s 11-Year Old Son to Be Kidnapped and Put in a Cage with Pedophiles

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Melania Trump called upon the Secret Service after actor Peter Fonda, called for her son, Barron Trump, who is 11 years old, to be kidnapped and put into a cage with pedophiles. He has since removed this post and apologized.  Additionally, he posted obscene and violent messages about Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, along with her three children. He has yet to apologize to them. Fonda is also encouraging the targeting of children of Border Patrol and ICE agents.

Warning: Vulgar and graphic language

Office Of First Lady Calls Secret Service After Actor Peter Fonda Calls For Barron Trump To Be Kidnapped

The Office of the First Lady has notified the Secret Service after actor Peter Fonda called for kidnapping Melania and Donald Trump’s son, Barron, The Daily Caller has learned exclusively.

In a tweet sent Wednesday, the actor called for Barron to be “ripped” from Melania’s arms and put in a cage “with pedophiles.”

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Article on Fonda targeting ICE…

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Mental illness runs in the Fonda family….like sister, like brother.
Peter Fonda is not only insane but crude, dis-compassionate, and probably thinking that he would like to be one of the pedophiles in the cage….He is one very sick sorry excuse of a human. Pray for him.


shoot trespassers
hang traitors
end problems

Peter like his sister is a turn-coat.


There’s always been an agreement to leave the children of our elected officials alone. Nothing of the sort has been afforded Trumps children. I cringe at memory of when the moronic “comedian” held up a severed head of Trump covered with blood, ISIS style, and Baron Trump saw it before knowing it was fake and though his father had been killed. What is wrong with these Hollywood leftists. Weren’t they all going to move to Canada in protest of Trump? What are they still doing here? Deport the bastards.

Joseph Burke
Joseph Burke

And now we know why Hollyweird has so many shrinks. What a sick bastard to even think such a thing let alone express it in public.Maybe Pecker…eh I mean Peter has HIS cage in mind.


Money brings boredom, fame is the desire, good fame, bad fame, the easiest is the bad one.