Border Updates: Trump EO Allows Families to Stay Together and Leftist Lies Used to Generate Hysteria

Trump signed an executive order that keeps border crossing family units in detention together while they are prosecuted, rather than being released into the interior of the US through the “Catch and Release” program. The reason they were being separated is because it was considered more humane to keep children in a non-prison environment. 

The media, extreme leftists, and politicians are creating a crisis on immigration, using the Marxist formula for opposition to divide our country. Trump is being blamed for photos showing poor conditions in children’s holding centers that were taken during the Obama administration, the iconic photo shows a crying 2-year old girl that is now featured on the cover to Time magazine, but she was never separated from her mother, and the deceptive photo of a little boy crying inside of a cage that was a prop that he wandered into during a protest at Dallas City Hall.

Border crossers from Mexico and Canada get deported, but there are currently 10,000 unaccompanied alien children who are being held in shelters, mostly from Central America, who are exempt from immediate deportation under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, a loophole that needs to be closed by Congress.

Chuck Schumer flip flops on immigration:

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