New Far-Right Italian Minister Refuses to Allow Rescue Ship with 629 Refugees to Dock

June 12, 2018 The Guardian 1

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new far-right minister of the interior, refused to let ‘Aquarius’, a private ship carrying 629 refugees, to dock. This is the first time that political rhetoric from an Italian interior minister has been enforced.  While Italian ports may remain open to its own rescue boats, the docks are expected to be closed to all NGOs, which have been accused of aiding illegal immigration in the past. The tiny island of Malta also rejected the Aquarius, but Spain has agreed to welcome it.


AG Sessions: Domestic Violence and Gang Violence No Longer Qualify as Reason for Asylum

June 12, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told immigration judges that domestic violence and gang violence will no longer qualify as reasons to grant asylum to immigrants. He stated that asylum was never meant to alleviate all serious problems that people have every day all over the world. This order closes a loophole that was used by the recent caravan of immigrants from Central America who demanded asylum based on gang violence.


Professor Describes Campus Free-Speech Movement As A Cult

June 12, 2018 Bret Weinstein 0

A former professor at Evergreen State College was personally threatened last year, and said that the student uprising was not organic. It had begun one year prior when he stood up against a racial faculty hierarchy. He characterized it as a cult in which only the leaders understand what is happening, and they have constructed a fiction for the student followers who earnestly believe they are fighting to end racial oppression.