UK Sentences Activist, Tommy Robinson, to Prison for Reporting on Muslim Rape Gang. He May Be Murdered There by Prisoners.

Tommy Robinson, a vocal critic of crime by Muslim immigrants, has been arrested for reporting on a Muslim rape gang. The planned ambush was designed to present him to a judge who revoked his suspended sentence, leaving him to serve 13 months. Because Tommy is well-known and a critic of Muslim crime, he is a marked man in prison and likely will be targeted by prisoners. -GEG

Tommy Robinson was arrested last Friday outside the courthouse in Leeds, while livestreaming about a Muslim grooming gang that preyed on native English girls as young as 11 years old. Tommy was immediately taken to court and sentenced to 13 months in prison.  This amounts to a death sentence, because Muslim prisoners have plotted his death during his prior incarcerations.

In 2016, a man who put bacon sandwiches at the door of a mosque was jailed for committing a “hate crime”, and he was found dead in his jail cell less than six months into his sentence.

Robinson was arrested under suspicion of “breaching the peace”, which means engaging in activity that is causing or MAY cause a violent situation.  If anything is threatened that some official say MAY lead to violence, free speech becomes a crime.  The arrest appeared to be planned, because half a dozen officers closed in on him and moved swiftly, even though he was not posing any threat. Bystanders at the arrest were warned that they, too, could be arrested for posting and sharing links to the livestream.

Articles and videos about Tommy Robinson’s arrest by the Daily Record, Birmingham Live, The Mirror, RT and even Breitbart News were taken down from the internet, and a court order mandated that there must be no reporting on Tommy until the trial of the Muslim gang is concluded.
On Saturday, following his arrest on Friday. thousands reportedly protested at Ten Downing Street, headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom.