The Pentagon and HUD Took $21 TRILLION from US Taxpayers!

Catherine Austin Fitts says that American taxpayers have been robbed of at least $21-trillion by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This is based on a study of the DOD and HUD from 1998 to 2015 made by Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, who has the documents to prove this loss.  Meanwhile, the government has failed to fund $5-trillion in pension obligations despite many opportunities to do so, going back 20 years, leaving her to conclude that this malfeasance is intentional and that it will cause a “crisis” that will reduce social services while increasing taxes, including property tax. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

The $21-trillion stolen is close to the amount of the US national debt of $20-trillion. She says the scheme involves pension funds buying $1-trillion in Treasuries, which gives the money to the Treasury while the pension is left with IUO’s from American taxpayers themselves.  She says the money can be tracked.  She blames those in government who oversee pensions – and also the New York Federal Reserve, which is the depository for the federal government.  From there, the money flows to the Fed’s member banks, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of New York, and others.

Catherine says the Fed is happy to print money for its own cartel members and estimates that this amounted to as much as $24 to $50-trillion during the financial meltdown.  She says that the graft and corruption can be turned around only by controlling the narrative and exhorts people to become involved in state and local government oversight by attending meetings and town halls to start the conversation.


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