Turkey Expelled Israeli Diplomats after Israeli Soldiers Killed 60 Palestinian Protesters

Turkey ordered Israel’s ambassador to leave the country after Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border during protests against the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. President Tayyip Erdogan described Monday’s bloodshed as genocide and called Israel a terrorist state. Israel responded by expelling Turkish diplomats. This is the most severe diplomatic conflict between the two regional powers since Israeli marines stormed an aid ship to enforce a naval blockade of Gaza in 2010, killing ten Turkish activists and prompting a downgrade in diplomatic ties that lasted until 2016. -GEG

Turkey and Israel expelled each other’s senior diplomats on Tuesday in a dispute over the killing by Israeli forces of 60 Palestinians a day earlier during protests on the Gaza border.

Turkey told Israel’s ambassador to leave the country on Tuesday after Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians during protests on the Gaza border against the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Turkey has been one of the most vocal critics of Israel’s response to the Gaza protests and of the U.S. Embassy move, recalling its ambassadors from Tel Aviv and Washington and calling for an emergency meeting of Islamic nations on Friday.

 President Tayyip Erdogan described Monday’s bloodshed, the deadliest for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza conflict, as genocide and called Israel a terrorist state. The government declared three days of mourning.

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Minnesota: Somali-Owned Daycare Centers Investigated for $100-Million Fraud

Daycare centers in Minnesota, mostly owned by Somalis, received millions in government subsidies intended to assist low-income families with childcare expenses, but the money was shipped on airline flights in suitcases to the Middle East. A portion likely was sent to fund terrorist organizations in Somalia. Minnesota state government estimates that the scam is costing taxpayers $100 million a year. -GEG

Minnesota lawmakers are scheduling a hearing for Tuesday after the Fox 9 Investigators exposed daycare fraud that could be costing taxpayers millions of dollars and some of that money could be making its way to terrorists overseas.

Carry-on suitcases filled with as much as a million dollars in cash are regularly leaving on flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to the Middle East. Last year alone, government agents determined the money transfers amounted to over a $100 million. They believe a sizeable amount is coming from fraud in the state’s childcare assistance program, which offers government subsidies to low-income families.

At least 10 daycare centers are currently under active investigation for overbilling the state. Most of those centers are owned by Somali immigrants. Members of the community told Fox 9 that the fraud is widespread. It’s believed some of the funds are being sent in the form of remittance payments to relatives in their homeland. Investigators also believe terrorist groups are demanding a cut of the money when it arrives overseas.

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Is China to Blame for the Loss of 6-Million American Jobs?

Academics now are saying that, from 1999 to 2010, six-million manufacturing jobs, one-third of all US manufacturing employment, were lost to China and had nothing to do with robots or automation. Blue-collar workers instinctively knew that, and it was one of the reasons they supported Trump who openly said so. According to the academics, the introduction of China into the global trading system is the root cause of the job losses. [True though this may be, we must not forget that none of this could have happened without the eager support of American political, financial, and industrial leaders. In that sense, they are just as much the cause, if not more so, than the Chinese.] -GEG

Millions of Americans who lost manufacturing jobs during the 2000s have long ”known” China was to blame, not robots. And many helped elect Donald Trump as president because of his insistence that China was at fault.

Evidently many academics who’ve studied the issue are finally drawing the same conclusion.

For years economists have viewed the increased role of automation in the computer age as the chief culprit for some 6 million lost jobs from 1999 to 2010 — one-third of all U.S. manufacturing employment. Firms adopted new technologies to boost production, the thinking goes, and put workers out of the job in the process. Plants could make more stuff with fewer people.

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Austria: Prosecutors Charged 17 Members of the Right Wing Generation Identity Group

Austria: Prosecutors indicted 10 leaders of the anti-immigration Generation Identity activist group, and seven sympathizers, who are being charged with incitement to hatred, forming a criminal organization, property damage and harassment. Generation Identity’s media stunts have been entirely peaceful. Martin Sellner, leader of Generation Identity, was deported from the UK in March with his American girlfriend, Brittany Pettibone, for attempting to give a speech. Austrian law is based on precedent, and Sellner says that the Generation Identity case is being used to set a precedent for ‘criminal association’, which is a way to criminalize being a member of any organization the government does not like. He says the law will be used to intimidate and prosecute members and supporters of the populist Austrian Freedom Party that recently gained power in the latest election.

Austrian prosecutors announced criminal charges Monday against 17 members of the far-right “Identitarian Movement” (IBÖ) connected to several of the group’s activities in recent years.

The state prosecutor in the city of Graz said 10 prominent members of the group and seven other “active sympathisers” were being charged with various counts of hate speech, criminal association, damage to property and coercion.

The charges follow raids last month at the houses of several members of the group, including one of its leaders Martin Sellner.

The group has staged several stunts in recent years to publicise what prosectors called its “xenophobic ideology”.

One such event cited by prosecutors was an incident in March 2017 where members gained access to the roof of the Turkish embassy and hung a banner from it bearing the slogan: “Erdogan, take your Turks back home”.

Another example from June 2016 is mentioned in which members stormed the stage during a talk on refugee policy at Klagenfurt University and unrolled banners reading “Stop Immigration” and “Integration is a lie”.

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The Pentagon and HUD Took $21 TRILLION from US Taxpayers!

Catherine Austin Fitts says that American taxpayers have been robbed of at least $21-trillion by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This is based on a study of the DOD and HUD from 1998 to 2015 made by Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, who has the documents to prove this loss.  Meanwhile, the government has failed to fund $5-trillion in pension obligations despite many opportunities to do so, going back 20 years, leaving her to conclude that this malfeasance is intentional and that it will cause a “crisis” that will reduce social services while increasing taxes, including property tax. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

The $21-trillion stolen is close to the amount of the US national debt of $20-trillion. She says the scheme involves pension funds buying $1-trillion in Treasuries, which gives the money to the Treasury while the pension is left with IUO’s from American taxpayers themselves.  She says the money can be tracked.  She blames those in government who oversee pensions – and also the New York Federal Reserve, which is the depository for the federal government.  From there, the money flows to the Fed’s member banks, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of New York, and others.

Catherine says the Fed is happy to print money for its own cartel members and estimates that this amounted to as much as $24 to $50-trillion during the financial meltdown.  She says that the graft and corruption can be turned around only by controlling the narrative and exhorts people to become involved in state and local government oversight by attending meetings and town halls to start the conversation.