Google Employees Refuse to Work on AI Drone and Tracking Project for the Pentagon

Around a dozen Google employees have quit and close to 4,000 have signed a petition over the company’s involvement in a controversial military pilot program known as “Project Maven,” which will use artificial intelligence to speed up analysis of drone footage and the program will have the ability to track individuals as they come and go from different locations.  The Tech Workers Coalition is circulating a petition that reads, “We can no longer ignore our industry’s and our technologies’ harmful biases, large-scale breaches of trust, and lack of ethical safeguards  These are life and death stakes.”

Around a dozen Google employees have quit and close to 4,000 have signed a petition over the company’s involvement in a controversial military pilot program known as “Project Maven,” which will use artificial intelligence to speed up analysis of drone footage.

Project Maven, a fast-moving Pentagon project also known as the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (AWCFT), was established in April 2017. Maven’s stated mission is to “accelerate DoD’s integration of big data and machine learning.” In total, the Defense Department spent $7.4 billion on artificial intelligence-related areas in 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The project’s first assignment was to help the Pentagon efficiently process the deluge of video footage collected daily by its aerial drones—an amount of footage so vast that human analysts can’t keep up. –Gizmodo

Project Maven will use machine learning to identify vehicles and other objects from drone footage – with the ultimate goal of enabling the automated detection and identification of objects in up to 38 categories – including the ability to track individuals as they come and go from different locations.

Project Maven’s objective, according to Air Force Lt. Gen. John N.T. “Jack” Shanahan, director for Defense Intelligence for Warfighter Support in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, “is to turn the enormous volume of data available to DoD into actionable intelligence and insights.” –DoD

The internal revolt began shortly after Google revealed its involvement in the project nearly three months ago.

Some Google employees were outraged that the company would offer resources to the military for surveillance technology involved in drone operations, sources said, while others argued that the project raised important ethical questions about the development and use of machine learning. –Gizmodo

The resigned employees cited a range of frustrations, from ethical concerns over the use of AI in a battlefield setting, to larger concerns over Google’s overall political decisions.

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Middle Class Squeezed Out as California Economy Falls

Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover institution, explains why California is failing. He says that the economic distribution is Medieval, because wealthy people on the coast, who make policy decisions, are not subject to the ramifications of their own ideologies, laws, and regulations that are imposed on the rest of the population. Because of this, an estimated four to five-million people from the middle class have left the state, replaced by illegal aliens from Mexico. [This cannot end well.]-GEG




RINOs and Democrats Push for Mass Amnesty Vote that Could Disrupt Mid-Term Elections

More than a dozen House Republicans are circulating a petition to GOP leaders to vote now or they will force a vote to allow mass amnesty and citizenship for ‘Dreamers’. The majority of Americans reject mass immigration and amnesty, but the Democrats and a significant group of Republicans are pushing hard for it – right now. -GEG

Fox News host Laura Ingraham fired off a warning shot to President Trump Monday evening about an effort in the House to push through mass amnesty all supported by Speaker Paul Ryan.

Laura Ingraham warned the President Monday.

Ingraham tweeted: Warning to @realDonaldTrump: An effort is underway by liberal Repubs (+Dems) on a mass amnesty in the House thru a “discharge petition,” supported by @SpeakerRyan. Total travesty & mid-term turn-out killer.

Laura Ingraham then fired off a second tweet clarifying her first one about Speaker Ryan.

Ingraham tweeted: To clarify: @SpeakerRyan does NOT publicly support the discharge petition. GOP must stick with the clear & principled push for Kate’s Law, no funding for sanctuary cities, MS-13 bill. Amnesty won’t pass in Senate anyway. #NoDischargePetition

RINOs and Dems in the House are essentially forcing a vote on mass amnesty.

WaPo reported:

More than a dozen House Republicans are issuing a rare challenge to their own party’s leaders: Allow immigration bills to get a vote now, or we’ll force a vote.

They’re circulating a petition to do just that, and it’s only seven signatories shy of overriding House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s (R-Wis.) opposition and forcing votes on a variety of immigration bills to provide a path to citizenship for “dreamers.” It would be the first time the House has passed an immigration bill since Republicans came to power in 2011.

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US Opens Its Embassy in Jerusalem as Protests Erupt and 55 Palestinians Killed

Israel: The US moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Former US Ambassador, Chris Hill, says the move is controversial because Jerusalem should have been made Israel’s capital only after an agreement between both parties was met. The international community does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, all European allies have stayed away, and 55 Palestinians died today in protest. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were present at the ceremony along with Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire who has been lobbying for the move. Another analyst said that the US can no longer be considered an honest broker because Jerusalem was not negotiated. The US, acting as a broker, merely made a unilateral decision. -GEG

Almost 50% of US Aid to Afghanistan Goes to Corruption, Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

During a Senate hearing on US Spending in Afghanistan, Sergio Gor, Senator Rand Paul’s deputy chief of staff, made a written statement indicating that between 20% and 50% of US reconstruction funding in Afghanistan “goes to corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse.” US involvement in Afghanistan will cost taxpayers $45-billion in 2018. 

WASHINGTON, DC — Up to half of the estimated $126 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds devoted to nation-building efforts in Afghanistan are “misspent, mismanaged, or disappears entirely,” a top staffer from Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) office testified this week.

During a Senate panel hearing on U.S. spending in Afghanistan, Sergio Gor, Sen. Paul’s deputy chief of staff, indicated in written testimony that between 20 and 50 percent of U.S. reconstruction funding in Afghanistan “goes to corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse.”

John Sopko, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), who also testified before the Senate panel on Wednesday, noted in his written remarks that there are different components to America’s nation-building activities, including:

Rebuilding Afghanistan’s national security forces, promoting the rule of law, fighting widespread corruption and the narcotics trade, improving public health and education, promoting respect for human rights, expanding electric and transportation infrastructure, and furthering economic development.

Sopko revealed that, in addition to the $126 billion devoted to reconstruction operation, the United States had spent about $750 billion on the American military offensive alone since the war started in October 2001, for an overall total “approaching $900 billion.”

The high-ranking staffer from the office of Sen. Paul, a staunch critic of the waste associated with the Afghanistan war effort, added:

The United States needs to lessen our aid dramatically to Afghanistan. So much of our aid is lost to waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption. Some estimate that as much as 50% of our money is misspent, mismanaged, or disappears entirely. According to recent testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan will cost taxpayers a whopping $45 billion in 2018.

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