Mixed Emotions over Oliver North Being Named President of NRA

May 9, 2018 Jake Morphonios 5

North worked with the CIA to covertly import weapons to Iran as part of a scheme to illegally fund the CIA-created rebel force in Nicaragua in order to overthrow its government. Oliver North also played a major role in running drugs from Central and South American drug cartels into the US. Additionally, North planned to build a computer data base of everyone who objected to this scheme with the intention of arresting and imprisoning them.


Trump’s Decision to Pull Out of The Iran Nuclear Deal Raises Many Questions

May 9, 2018 Sputnik 2

Trump accepted Netanyahu’s presentation last week as valid reasons for withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal. Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute says that the move could be taken by Israel and Saudi Arabia as a green light to attack Iran or even to launch a false-flag attack that would draw the US into war. McAdams says the neocons who surround Trump are running the show.


Rand Paul Reveals that Congress Seeks to Give President ‘Unlimited’ Dictatorial Power for War

May 9, 2018 Free Thought Project 3

Rand Paul says that Congress seeks to amend the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) by handing over their power to declare war to the president. Moreover, Congress could only disapprove of war, which turns the Constitution on its head! Even worse, any resolution of disapproval could be vetoed, meaning two thirds of Congress would need to disapprove of a war, rather than a majority to approve of one.