US Judge Orders Iran to Pay $6 Billion to 9/11 Victims. What?

May 3, 2018 RT 3

Tehran has been ordered by a US court to pay more than $6 billion to victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, despite the fact that most of the plane hijackers were Saudi nationals, and no direct link was ever found to Iran. The judgement is meant to demonize Iran and the ruling is seen as symbolic and unenforceable.


Democrats Freak Out as Kanye Flips the Black Vote that Could Doom the Leftist Party

May 3, 2018 Bill Whittle 3

If Democrats lose more than 15% of the black vote, they will lose national elections. Kanye West has 28 million Twitter followers, and many have been influenced to support Trump. Poll numbers show that the 8.9% of the black community supported Trump before Kanye’s endorsement, and now 16.5% favor Trump, which is a death knell for the Democratic party. Leftists will do everything in their power to reverse the trend. His life was threatened by a fellow hip-hop artist. There is also a chance that Kanye is just stirring controversy to grab headlines and promote his new album.