Chinese Industry, Government and the Military Are Mining Data Directly from Workers’ Brains

May 2, 2018 SCMP 0

China: Factory workers wear caps to monitor their brainwaves to detect emotional spikes such as depression, anxiety or rage. The company says the technology is being used to monitor workflows which can be enhanced by manipulating the frequency and length of break times to reduce mental stress. However, the technology can be abused by companies to control minds and infringe privacy, raising the specter of “thought police”.


Austria: Police Raid Homes of Anti-Immigration Activists ‘Generation Identity’

May 2, 2018 Breitbart 1

Austrian police raided ten homes and offices of activists from ‘Generation Identity’ that opposes mass immigration. Martin Sellner, the leader of the organization, says that the prosecutor is using the raid to look for evidence so that he may ban the outfit as a criminal organization under a law against “incitement to hostile action” against religious and ethnic groups, as they have protested the Islamization of Europe. The raid comes on the heels of making headlines for exposing the illegal migration of thousands of migrants through the Alps.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Pledges US to Fight for Israel after Bombs Kill Iranians

May 2, 2018 Fox News 3

Airstrikes in northern Syria killed at least 26 people, many of them Iranian soldiers who back Syria. The bombing registered at 2.6 on the Richter scale for earthquakes. Russia and Syria are blaming Israel for the attack. Israel has entered Syria’s borders to attack it without provocation, both recently and historically. The bombing took place after new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Netanyahu for several hours. Pompeo pledged the US to fight for Israel.