Video of Israeli Soldiers Cheering the Shooting of Unarmed Palestinian Goes Viral

Israeli Defense Force, Wiki
Israeli soldiers have killed 32 Palestinian protesters​ near the border fence in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority says the unarmed civilians have been egged on by Hamas to approach the fence and even to cross over it ​to sacrifice themselves in order ​to gain international attention for their cause​.  Palestinians are protesting to return to the land that they formerly occupied and against the dire living conditions imposed by Israel.-GEG​

Warning- graphic video:

A video has gone viral that shows Israeli soldiers celebrating the shooting an unarmed Palestinian.  The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) denied the event happened during the current protests, the ‘March of Return’, but instead claimed that the video was recorded in December, and that the Palestinian victim was leading a riot, which is not supprted by the video itself​.
Israel’s position in the current conflict on the Gaza border is that Hamas is planning a mass surge against the fence to topple it and infiltrate Israeli territory, and/ or Hamas is inciting the Palestinians to provoke the Israeli army for a high body count, in order to garner international sympathy.  Hamas leaders have said that their ultimate goal is to remove the border and liberate Palestine.  Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said that Palestinians would “tear down the wall and tear out their (Israeli’s) hearts.”  Israelis fear that hostile Palestinians are determined to destroy Israel by any means possible.
However, the Palestinians are massively outgunned by Israel by many multitudes.  The violence is always asymmetrical in Israel’s favor.  Israelis have killed at least 32 Palestinians in the current protest, while no Israelis have been injured.
Lisa Goldman of Forward says that Israeli fears have morphed into the dehumanization of the 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza.
The March of Return is a cry of desperation from the Palestinians of Gaza. Walla!, an Israeli publication, gives context to the problem in its report on 3 Palestinian men who were able to penetrate the fence and wander 12 miles into Israeli territory. The trio were armed with knives and grenades. The men had come to Israel in search of work.  If that option was not possible, they sought a place in an Israeli jail where they could be assured three meals per day and a warm bed. They said they ​ were armed to insure that they would not be sent back to Gaza​.  That is not a strange as it may sounds. Israel routinely jails armed infiltrators as political prisoners​.​ These

three men chose imprisonment over the hopelessness of living in Gaza.
The military source in the article said that there had been a spike in infiltrators since 2014, as a direct consequence of the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, that has almost no electricity, little clean drinking water, rampant poverty and unemployment as high as 40% among young people.
Palestinians in Gaza have elected Hamas as their governing body.
Hamas competes with the more moderate Palestinian Authority (PA) for power.  Hamas controls Gaza, but the PA says that Hamas is selling illusions by encouraging Palestinians to sacrifice themselves to get TV coverage that benefits Hamas.  The PA is calling for Hamas to step down from power.
Peace in Israel is a dream as both Palestinians and Israelis reject it because neither wants to be absorbed by the other.  The number of Palestinians in Israel, the Occupied Gaza Strip, Occupied East Jerusalem and the Occupied West Bank is now estimated at over 5.3 million, exceeding the Jewish population of 5.2 million.
By 2035, the Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected to reach 46%. The Palestinian population in Palestine is growing at about 2.4% per year, which is 33% higher than Israel’s growth rate. The population is also the youngest in the region, with a birth rate of over 4 children to every woman.  Palestinians are winning the demographics contest, but Israelis have the territory and resources.  These statistics do not bode well for future Israeli dominance​ except by military superiority, which is what now is unfolding.





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terry shead
terry shead
3 years ago

Its funny not a word in the media the same has the uk, not a word.
They wonder why these criminals are beyond the law, still the jews run the show.