South Africa: Polygraph Analyst Identifies Who Is Murdering White Farmers

Silke Kaiser, a polygraph analyst who has worked on more than 300 farm attack cases in South Africa, says that farm attacks are ‘inside jobs’ as employees provide detailed security information to the hit squads who commit the murders.  The motivation is to steal guns, money and jewelry.  Kaiser says that rape, torture and murder are pre-planned and are related to witchcraft.  She explains how farmers can avoid attacks as very few arrests are made and when there is an arrest, the police are paid off to lose the dockets so there is no prosecution.

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South Africa: Polygraph Analyst Identifies Who Is Murdering White Farmers – Life, Death and all between

[…] Source: South Africa: Polygraph Analyst Identifies Who Is Murdering White Farmers […]


This is as old as the hills.
It ain’t gonna change any time soon.

The more the West interferes w/these people’s social process with TECHNOLOGY and WEAPONS, the WORSE it will get.
This is a no-brainer.
Learn history, don’t repeat their mistakes.

Salmerìa 16.2018 [Rassegna Stampa]

[…] alla Chiesa dalle agenzie pro-aborto – CR – Agenzia di informazione settimanale – South Africa: Polygraph Analyst Identifies Who Is Murdering White Farmers – Belgio, la lista “Islam” vuole la sharia | – Ecco la Bibbia […]