Migrant Army of 1,500 People Prepare to Invade US. White House Pretends to Be Helpless to Stop It.

1,500 migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua – mostly young males – are making their way through Mexico headed to the US border. President Trump is threatening to end DACA and pull out of NAFTA if Mexico does not interfere.  However, everyone knows that the Mexican Government is actually helping the group in its journey. [We shall see if any of the threats actually are followed up with action.  Instead of threatening to react to the invasion if it happens, we think that President Trump should exercise the power of his office to simply prevent it from happening in the first place.] -GEG
By JW Williams
President Trump has threatened to end DACA  in response to a caravan of people from Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua) that is prepared to invade the US. The majority of the marchers appear to be young males, following exactly the same pattern seen in Europe. The Mexican government is assisting the effort and allowing them across their border, and gangs and cartels are not interfering with their progress.  The organizers of the migrants appear to be testing the resolve of Americans to reject illegal immigration. If they are not turned back, there soon will be more to follow, similar to the invasion of Europe.  Trump is threatening to leave NAFTA if Mexico fails to stop the illegals. [If America is not prepared to stop them, it is not clear why President Trump expects Mexico to do so.]
The caravan is organized and led by a group called Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders).  Organizers say say that Breitbart, by reporting on the caravan, is inciting “white supremacists” to fight the migrants. Migrants who do not qualify for DACA will ask for asylum for violence caused by drug wars.
Pueblos Sin Fronteras is employing a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy by encouraging hatred between opposing groups. Using classic Communist rhetoric and themes, they say the US border “is maintained to terrorize and discipline immigrant communities, all for the benefit of capital and white supremacy. The border, CBP, ICE, capitalism, white supremacy, etc. can and *will* all be undone. #EndBorderImperialism”.
In a recent dispatch, Pueblos Sin Fronteras admitted they are uniting to abolish all borders, which means they are are serving the globalist agenda. They published a list of demands, including that the US government respect their right to dignified work, the end of deportation, provide ‘temporary protected status’ for migrants in need, and to allow them their “rights’ under international law. The assumption, of course, is that international law is superior to America’s laws even in America.  Make no mistake about it, this is a war on America by globalists.
Call the White House (202) 456- 1111
And send a message here:


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this is why the CITIZEN MILITIAS are needed…governments federal state and local REFUSE to protect this country and its CITIZENS….imho


Trump either stops this flood of illegal alien invaders/ illegal colonization at our border or he is finished and so is America ! Trump can use an EO or whatever is needed as he will have BOTH political party leaders fighting him every inch of the way. If ANY of the invaders are allowed to set foot in America, it’s over. All of South America will follow their example, we will be hit with a tsunami of illegals such as France, Sweden and others are seeing now. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws. Do we have… Read more »

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson

That Mexico is aiding and abetting this migration is an act of War. So, Trump has a simple solution: welcome them into a fenced off area, feed them, make sure they’re fairly healthy and then offer them citizenship in return for one thing: Accept weapons from us and head south and take the nearest Mexican city. And even better would be to round up as many illegal aliens we can, move them down to the same compound and offer them the same deal. If Mexico wants to be that damned stupid, well, let’s turn their stupidity around on them and… Read more »


I read that Trump was sending the National Guard to the southern border to keep these illegal caravans out. Let Mexico deal with them,as MX has allowed them to cross their country.