The High Stakes of the War over Syria that May Explode Worldwide

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The US is involved in overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria in order to gain oil resources, keep the US dollar afloat, cripple the Russian economy, and to fight for Israel’s interests.  Bankers, multinational oil companies and military contractors are the beneficiaries of the war that has killed half a million people.

There is little chance that peace will break out in Syria because the economies of Russia, Iran, the US and Saudi Arabia hinge on whether pipelines will be built across the war-torn country.  In addition, Israel seeks to expand its territory and dominance in the Middle East, causing conflict.  Finally, the Syrian war was used by the globalists for an excuse to overwhelm Europe with migrant refugees who pose a threat.


Economic Stakes


Jimmy Dory made a video in 2016 that explains the financial interests of  two competing proposed natural gas pipelines that need to cross Syria in order to deliver energy to the lucrative European market.

The proposed Qatar-Turkey pipeline runs from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria to Turkey to reach Europe.  This pipeline is backed by the US.  The majority of the populations in these areas are Sunni Muslim Arabs who have a rivalry with Shia Muslims in Iran.


The second proposed pipeline, known as the Islamic pipeline, originates in Iran, and passes through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon on its way to Europe.


Currently, Russia sells 70% of its gas exports to Europe.  Both proposed pipelines would reduce Russia’s top export, and could strangle its economy. In 2009, Syrian President Assad refused to allow the pipeline to run through his country “to protect the interests of our Russian ally.”  Plans were then made to create a Sunni uprising to overthrow Assad.


The US economy is also affected by politics in Syria because the US dollar is no longer backed by gold, but by Saudi oil- in order to purchase oil, the transaction must take place with US dollars, which stabilizes the currency.  Therefore, the Qatar-Turkey pipeline would keep the US dollar afloat, propping up the fiat currency system and the bankers who profit from it.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey funded ISIS.



Israel has vast control over US foreign policy and uses the US as a proxy to further its own interests.  For example, Haaretz reported that Israel joined Trump advisor John Bolton in the planning of the strikes on Syria over the past weekend.


Israel has three main reasons for overthrowing the Assad regime:


1.  Israel is following the Yinon Plan in expanding its territory to its historical biblical borders, known as the ‘Greater Israel’ project.  The Book of Genesis describes the borders ranging “from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates,” that includes the territory of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Yemen and part of Turkey.  The Yinon Plan, published in 1982, explains how to destabilize Arab countries through divide and conquer techniques to weaken them, providing an opening for Israel to exert control over the Middle East.


2.  Israel has occupied Syria’s Golan Heights since the Six Day War in 1967 and annexed the southern part of the Golan in 1981.  Most of the international community, including the US, reject Israel’s claim on Syria’s land, which has been discovered to be a rich oil and gas field.  Genie Energy, based in the US with an Israeli subsidiary company, is pushing to develop the oil field, despite the dispute with Syria over the territory.  Notable neocons and bankers are on Genie Energy’s strategic advisory board include Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney, James Woolsey and Rupert Murdoch.


3.   The third reason Israel wishes to unseat Assad is so that Israel may remain the sole nuclear power in the Middle East, in order to dominate the region, which was outlined in a leaked email from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The cable begins, ” The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad,” and states, “Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s civil war may seem unconnected, but they are. For Israeli leaders, the real threat from a nuclear-armed Iran is not the prospect of an insane Iranian leader launching an unprovoked Iranian nuclear attack on Israel that would lead to the annihilation of both countries. What Israeli military leaders really worry about — but cannot talk about — is losing their nuclear monopoly.”



Globalists used the Syrian war as an excuse to bully Europe into accepting millions of migrants as refugees into their borders, overwhelming EU countries.  France and Germany expressed concern that the US airstrikes on Syria against Assad could fuel a new wave of mass migration to Europe.  In addition, migrants from the Middle East and Africa pose a threat to host countries if they rebel inside European borders.



The US is involved in overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria in order to gain oil resources, keep the US dollar afloat, cripple the Russian economy, and to fight for Israel’s interests.  Bankers, multinational oil companies and military contractors are the beneficiaries of the war that has killed half a million people.

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terry shead
terry shead
4 years ago

Once again no no no evidence, but bomb them any how, I was going to write to Mrs May, but then I thought she and Boris are puppets the same has trump.
The Rii of affairs run the show in the uk the same has cf relations run the show in the usa, the question how do we beat these banksters.

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OK, so what’s new?


How is that any different from what’s been going on throughout human history since the Fall of Adam & Eve?

How is this kind of BARBARIC IMPERIALISM any different from the past? Even INSIDE the USA these BARBARIANS have ENSLAVED the entire nation in an Administrative hegemony enforced by POLICE POWERS … the perfect COMMERCE state.


Didn’t the founding fathers WARN us of this?

What we need is a good old fashioned Moral wake-up call.

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