Ex-Leader of Catalonia Could Face 25 Years in Prison If Deported to Spain

April 3, 2018 EuroNews 1

Carles Puigdemont, the former President of Catalonia, fled from Spain five months ago after the failure of a referendum vote to break away from Spain. He was captured in Germany and now is detained there awaiting charges by Spain of rebellion and sedition. If he is extradited back to Spain, those charges could carry a sentence of 25 years. He fears physical harm if he is sent to a Spanish prison.


One-Million Christians Slaughtered over Past 10 Years. Westerners Not Interested

April 3, 2018 Fox News 0

More than one-million Christians have been slaughtered in the ten-year period between 2005 to 2015 in the Middle East and Africa simply because they are Christian. Father Andre Mahanna says that Christians have been genocided over the past 200 years, yet there is no outrage, which he attributes to Western secularism and the rise of radical Islam. Father Mahanna says that Christianity is the only religion that asks its followers to love their enemy, and he is calling for Christians to use their influence to end the bloodbath.


Israelis on the Left and Right Balk at Plans to Deport African Migrants

April 3, 2018 Telegraph 0

Netanyahu announced a UN deal allowing half of the 40,000 African asylum seekers who are in Israel are to be sent to Western countries (Canada, Germany, and Italy), and the other half could stay in Israel, scrapping plans to send them all to Africa. Originally, Israel gave them the choice of being jailed indefinitely or voluntarily relocating to Uganda or Rwanda with $3,500. This proposal was opposed by 25,000 Israeli protesters because many asylum seekers said they would choose prison rather than go back to Africa. Israeli officials now are worried about the logistical challenges of jailing such a large population.