Israelis Kill More than 14 Unarmed Palestinians on First Day of ‘Land Day’ Protests

April 2, 2018 RT 2

The Israelis erected a fence around the occupied territory and declared the fence area a military zone, which means they shoot-to-kill anyone attempting to breach the fence. The unarmed Palestinian protestors are determined to approach right up to the fence. In the ensuing confrontation, Israeli soldiers fired live rounds, rubber bullets, and tear-gas canisters into the crowds. Seventeen were killed and over a thousand wounded on the first day, A video clip shows soldiers detaining a 3-year old Palestinian boy in the West Bank.


More Murders Now in London Than in New York City

April 2, 2018 Breitbart 0

Rape in London is triple the number in NYC. These increases are due in large part to the fact that Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan ordered police to stop searching for weapons on non-white suspects. Cressida Dick, who heads up the London police force, says the rise in crime and violence is caused by social media – and the solution, of course, is more control over the Internet and more money for a larger police force. Classic collectivism.


David Hogg Uses Boycott Against Advertisers to Punish Fox News Commentator

April 2, 2018 Daily Caller 2

On Twitter, Fox News commentator, Laura Ingraham, mocked David Hogg, the anti-gun spokesman from the Parkland school shooting, for being rejected from four colleges. Hogg responded by calling for a boycott of her advertisers, and his case was promoted sympathetically by the entire Leftist media. After losing sponsors, Ingraham was forced to apologize, and Fox punished her by putting her on leave for a week.


Migrant Army of 1,500 People Prepare to Invade US. White House Pretends to Be Helpless to Stop It.

April 2, 2018 JW Williams 4

1,500 migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua – mostly young males – are making their way through Mexico headed to the US border. President Trump is threatening to end DACA and pull out of NAFTA if Mexico does not interfere. However, everyone knows that the Mexican Government is actually helping the group in its journey. [Instead of threatening to react to the invasion if it happens, we think that President Trump should exercise the power of his office to simply prevent it from happening in the first place.]