New Lawsuit Could Stop Fluoridation of Water Supply

Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network ( explains the status of a lawsuit that could bring an end to the practice of water fluoridation in the US.  The suit presents the case that artificial fluoridation of the water supply violates the federal Toxic Substances Control Act, because it exposes children to levels of fluoride that are extremely toxic. Dr. Connett is optimistic that the court will find in favor of the suit because, for the first time, ever, the fluoride lobby will be required to subject its science to cross-examination, and this will reveal that there is no science at all. -GEG

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sister ch
sister ch
2 years ago

Praise the Lord.

bob klinck
bob klinck
2 years ago

Because it provides no control over effective dosage, it is patently obvious that fluoridation of public water supplies is a fraud. Some people drink many times more water than others. Many children drink hardly any water at all, getting their hydration from other sources. So it is impossible to achieve a predictable result from this haphazard and flagrantly unscientific method of administering the “beneficial” substance.

2 years ago

fluoride action network is not a grass roots movement. it is a united nations ngo. all the affiliations connett lists are united nations ngos.
nothing good can ever come from the united nations.
please do not feed the machine that is crushing us.