Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump

Political analyst, Jake Morphonios, examines the significance of President Trump’s nomination of Mike Pompeo, the present Director of the CIA, to the post of Secretary of State. To do this, he starts with the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921 by Colonel Edward Mandel House and JP Morgan, and shows how this group ever since has been at the center of a movement to transform the US from an independent nation into a political subdivision of a world Marxist government. No one is spared in this dissertation. If you ever voted for a US president who won the election, including Donald Trump, be prepared to be indignant – and enlightened. This is one of the finest history lessons you will ever find. -GEG

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terry shead
terry shead

How do you beat these gangsters?

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady

George H.W. Bush was the director of the CIA prior to being first VP and then President. That was worse than Mike Pompeo coming from the CIA prior to being Secretary of State. While I am concerned about the CFR, they’ve been around since 1921 and the American people still rejected Hillary Clinton, and Trump has managed to be better than she would have been. All we can do is keep a watch like you are doing, Mr. Griffin.

Is Pompeo Trump’s CIA Bush? |

[…] Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump […]

David Robertson
David Robertson

I read that Jacob Rothschild died in a helicopter accident at his estate sometime late in 2017.

David Robertson
David Robertson

When the end comes, which will be relatively soon, it will be seen clearly as of God not of man. Everyone must do as they see fit, whether through prayer or direct action, but the war is being won, indeed has already been won, by the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, the overcoming saints of God, the sons of God, in the divine court of Heaven, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete. What we are witnessing is the final collapse of the Babylonian Empire that has ruled the world in different forms, for the past 2620… Read more »

Geopolitics- Week of 03.11.18 – Solari Report

[…] Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump Need to Know | 15 March 2018 […]


Jake, do you really still believe, and I do mean believe, that we actually select and elect the president and vise president? What on earth makes you think that the political caucuses and the electorate cannot be manipulated? Why do you take for granted that your concept of god is going to come to the rescue if we fail to stop the forces that are gradually turning our country into the 4th Reich.