Banned in the UK: American Journalist Who Was Deported Finally Gets Interview with Tommy Robinson

American journalist, Brittany Pettibone, was detained and then deported from the UK because she intended to interview anti-immigration activist, Tommy Robinson, who had been imprisoned for speaking out against crimes committed by Muslims. Pettibone finally was able to interview Robinson in Vienna, and this is it. If Robinson’s story is true – as we have every reason to believe it is, he was treated by the UK government in a manner that is reminiscent of the Soviet police state of the 1950s. Watch the interview and judge for yourself. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams
Brittany Pettibone, an American journalist who was detained for three days and deported from the UK because she wanted to interview British anti-immigration activist Tommy Robinson was able to sit down with him in Vienna for a barn-burner of an interview.
Robinson was unjustly accused of being a terrorist and inciting racial hatred and was been imprisoned multiple times for telling the truth about Muslim violence, rape, and Sharia Law that has infected the UK as a result of mass immigration. His troubles began nine years ago when he formed an organization to counter abuse from Muslims at a military parade in 2009, which morphed into the English Defense League.  Since that time, he has become well known for speaking against Muslim grooming gangs that target native British children for gang rape.
Robinson explains how he was harassed by police, which included raids on his home and his parents’ home and the arrest of his pregnant wife.  British authorities tax-audited his entire family, including his parents, who they wanted to arrest, searching for financial crimes.  They finally convicted Tommy for tax evasion, and he went to prison allegedly for mortgage fraud by his brother-in-law. He went to prison again  for 12 months for coming to the US, on a friend’s visa, to speak against Islamification. For that, he spent 22 weeks in solitary confinement.
Robinson says that prison in the UK is racially segregated and has become a jihad training ground.  Muslim inmates run the prisons because they have long sentences, so they have little to lose.  The prison planned to deliver him to the same prison that housed the terrorists who had tried to kill him on a prior occasion.  The British government is claiming that Robinson is a terrorist, and he is convinced they intend to kill him – or make sure he is killed by those whose crimes he is exposing.
He says his social media accounts are likely to be removed, so he intends to build the biggest alternative-media channel in Europe within 12 months.