Ecuadorian Embassy in London Cuts Julian Assange Off from the World

March 29, 2018 Information Liberation 3

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was given asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012, but the Ecuadorian government now has cut off his internet access and will not allow him to have visitors. Since the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo recently said that the Trump administration considers Assange to be a threat to the US, it is reasonable to assume that the Ecuadorian government is cooperating with the US and UK to force Assange out of the embassy so he can be extradited to the US to be imprisoned for life – or worse.

GEG Commentary

What Was the Crime That Sent This Woman to Prison for Two Years?

March 29, 2018 News24 0

South Africa: Vicki Momberg, a white woman, was convicted of ‘hate speech’ and sentenced to two years in prison for yelling a racial slur at a black policeman after thieves broke into her car. A video of her rant went viral in which she requested a white or Indian officer and said that black people are “plain and simple useless.” [Far worse things now are being yelled at white people in South Africa but, as always happens when there are laws to control thoughts and speech, they are applied unequally, depending on who controls the government. You cannot change people’s thoughts and opinions by making them illegal. Good example is the only way.]

GEG Commentary

Amazon Loses $30 Billion in One Day After Rumors Trump May Try to Break Its Monopoly

March 29, 2018 Jake Morphonios 0

In a free country, citizens do not have the right to use force against their neighbors to prevent them from selling their products below cost – even if their intent is to force competitors out of business. If we do not have that authority as individuals, we cannot delegate it to politicians to do it either, regardless of how much we may like the idea. Therefore, there should be no anti-trust laws, but there CAN and SHOULD be laws against favoring one company or consortium of companies over their competitors, which creates monopolies. Click link for full commentary by GEG.


Professor at Jesuit College of the Holy Cross Teaches that Jesus Was a ‘Drag King’

March 29, 2018 Breitbart 4

Massachusetts: The College of the Holy Cross, a Catholic school run by Jesuits, appointed Professor Liew as the Chair of New Testament Studies. He teaches students that Jesus was a “drag king”. Liew says that Jesus had homoerotic tendencies and that his relationship with God is sexual and masochistic in nature. [Don’t forget that Professor Liew was chosen to be Chair of the New Testament because the leadership of the college approves of his message. Therefore, the source of the problem is much deeper than Liew himself.]