New Lawsuit Could Stop Fluoridation of Water Supply

Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network ( explains the status of a lawsuit that could bring an end to the practice of water fluoridation in the US.  The suit presents the case that artificial fluoridation of the water supply violates the federal Toxic Substances Control Act, because it exposes children to levels of fluoride that are extremely toxic. Dr. Connett is optimistic that the court will find in favor of the suit because, for the first time, ever, the fluoride lobby will be required to subject its science to cross-examination, and this will reveal that there is no science at all. -GEG

Russia Prepares for a False-Flag Attack by US

Last year, President Trump fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria following a gas attack that was blamed on Syrian President Assad – without proof.  Several weeks ago there was another chemical attack that may serve as an excuse to attack Assad again. It is hard to believe that Assad is behind the reported chemical attack because he has nothing to gain by it and knows it could be used as an excuse for retaliation that will destabilize his regime again.  Russia says that US-trained saboteur groups have been spotted in the region and is expecting them to launch a false-flag attack made to look like an attack from Assad forces. -GEG

Last April, in one of the Trump administration’s first “diplomatic” ventures, the US fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria, in stated retaliation for the latest alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime, the same “false flag” excuse which was used by the US to officially enter the conflict back in 2013 when military tensions between the US and Russia nearly resulted in a regional war.

Well, it appears that Assad is a relentless glutton for punishment, because not even a year later, the WaPo reported two weeks ago that the US is considering a new military action against Syria for – what else – retaliation against Assad’s latest chemical attack, which took place several weeks earlier.

How do we know Assad (and apparently, Russia) was behind the attack? We don’t: in fact, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in a moment of bizarre honesty, admitted that he really doesn’t know much at all about “whoever conducted the attacks.” But hey: just like it is “highly likely” that Russia poisoned the former Russian double agent in the UK – with no proof yet – so it is “highly likely” that a clearly irrational Assad was once again behind an attack which he knew would provoke violent and aggressive retaliation by the US, and once again destabilize his regime.

And so we now wait for that flashing, red headline saying that US ships in the Mediterranean have launched a missile attack on Syria, just like a year ago. Only this time Russia – which is allied with the Assad regime – is not planning to be on the defensive, and according to Russia’s Defense Ministry, “US instructors” are currently training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in south Syria, i.e., the catalyst that will be used to justify the US attack on Assad. The incidents, the ministry said, will be used a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.
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Republican RINOs and Democrats Betray American Taxpayers with $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

US: Republican-In-Name-Only (RINOs) have sold out their constituents once again as they prepare to pass the enormously bloated $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page omnibus budget that they have not even read. It is loaded with hand-outs by big spenders – Republicans and Democrats alike. Politics as usual while the nation staggers under the increasing load. -GEG

The US House approved the $1.3 trillion budget to fund the government through the 2018 fiscal year, allowing all federal services to continue.  145 Republicans (and 111 Democrats) voted in favor of this bill that is a betrayal of the taxpayer and violates promises that so-called conservative Republicans made.  The 2,232 page bill is being rammed through Congress, with only 36 hours to read it, under the threat of a government shut-down after midnight Friday night.
House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have sold the bill on an $80 billion increase in defense investment.  The bill was a BIG gift to Democrats: it limits how many Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents can be hired, it continues funding for sanctuary cities, it fully funds Planned Parenthood, it could allow the number of foreign guest workers with H-2B visas to nearly double to 120,000 seasonal employees, it restricts guns and, finally, lacks border wall funding, which is Trump’s key issue.
It is almost as if Republicans want to give the upcoming mid-term elections to the Democrats who always support more spending.
The bill allocates more than $500 million included for the Gateway Program for a rail line between Newark, New Jersey, and New York City.  The initial funding is the camel’s nose under the tent for bankrolling the entire $30 billion project on the back of the federal taxpayer.
Wednesday’s spending bill will include an additional $4 billion to combat the opioid epidemic.
The Senate and the White House have until Saturday at 12:01 am to pass the bill, or a government shut down will be implemented.

Australia Defies ‘Crazy Lefties’ and Promises to Aid White South African Farmers

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is being called a racist and has become the subject of highly critical political cartoons because of his efforts to resettle white farmers from South Africa who are being force to flee for their lives.  The government of South Africa has demanded an apology and has strongly refuted claims of “torture and abuse” against white land owners. Former Australia prime minister, Tony Abbott, reported that an estimated 400 white farmers have been brutally murdered over the last 12 months by squatters who wanted their land. He says that, if the boot were on the other foot, it would be called racism of the worst sort. -GEG

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has dismissed claims of racism over his plan to resettle South African white minority farmers in Australia, saying he ignores the confected outrage “from some of the crazy lefties at the Guardian and Huffington Post.”

Mr. Dutton faced a backlash after he first announced the farmers needed “special attention” because of the epidemic of violence engulfing them.

As Breitbart News reported, Mr. Dutton noted Australia has refugee, humanitarian and other visa programs which have the “potential to help some of these people”. He said he had asked his department to look at the options “because from what I have seen they do do need help from a civilised country like ours”.

Mr. Dutton denies the offer is racist. He maintains help for South African farmers isn’t just because they are white; He wants to help South African farmers who are persecuted because of that.

His initial comments sparked a diplomatic row with the South African Government, which demanded an apology and strongly refuted claims of “torture and abuse” against white farmers and land owners.

Despite the furore sparked by his plan, Mr. Dutton said he will push ahead regardless. Speaking to a Sydney radio station 2GB on Thursday, he confirmed he wants to help the farmers come to Australia under humanitarian visas. Mr. Dutton said:

All the criticism over the last week has meant nothing to me. We’re looking at ways we can help people to migrate to Australia if they find themselves in that situation. We’ve been inundated with messages of support and references for particular cases.

It concerns me that people are being persecuted at the moment, that’s the reality — the number of people dying or being savagely attacked in South Africa is a reality.

There’s lots of outrage from some of the crazy lefties at the ABC, the Guardian and Huffington Post can express concern and draw mean cartoons about me and all the rest of it — they don’t realise how completely dead they are to me.

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