Professor Bans Male Student from Class for Rejecting the Biology of Transgenderism

March 13, 2018 Campus Reform 4

An Indiana University Pennsylvania professor barred one of her male students from a class on Christianity for refusing to read a scripted apology for challenging transgender and feminist arguments. He argued that there are only two biological genders and that the wage gap is a false paradigm. If he is not allowed to return to class, he will not graduate on schedule and will be forced to repay federal grant money. [The facts in this story will make you angry- guaranteed!]


Chinese Constitution Changed for President Xi Jinping – No More Term Limits

March 13, 2018 Press Deocrat 2

China’s constitution was amended to wipe term limits off the books for President Xi Jinping who assumed office in 2013 and was due to step down. Now he may remain in office indefinitely. China added term limits to the constitution in 1982, after decades of Mao Tse-tung’s disastrous political campaigns underscored the dangers of one-man rule. Two members of parliament voted against the change and three abstained, giving Xi a 99.8% approval vote.