Teen Anti-Gun Activist, David Hogg, Coaches Classmate to Say, “We Need More Diversity”

March 6, 2018 David Hogg 0

There was a fire drill at the Florida high school at around 9:30 am. Later in the afternoon, after 2:00 pm, the shooting took place. Crisis actor, David Hogg, can he be heard whisper-prompting a fellow student to say, “We need more diversity,” moments after the shooting. Why are these students, who appear to be hiding from an active shooter, not showing fear for their safety and, instead, are talking calmly about the need for gun-control legislation? [Be sure to read the comments posted beneath the video.]


Broward County Hid Student Crimes To Make Crime Statistics Appear to Improve

March 6, 2018 RT 0

One of the most puzzling aspects of the Parkland school shooting is why police ignored multiple warnings about the student shooter. This journalist suggests the reason is an Obama-era program designed to keep young criminals, particularly minorities, out of jail. This was done by ignoring reports of crimes or potential crimes to make the arrest and prison statistics appear to improve when, in fact, crime actually was on the increase. The Broward county sheriff was involved at every step.


Italy Votes in Two Minority Anti-Establishment Parties. Can They Ignore Their Grudges To Form A Coalition?

March 6, 2018 NY Daily News 0

Italy: Nearly one-third of voters elected the anti-corruption Euro-skeptic 5-Star Movement founded in 2009 by comic Beppe Grillo. It is challenged with forming a coalition government with the anti-immigration League from the north that is led by Matteo Salvini, who rejects the 5-Stars. [Neither group appear to have any clear political philosophy except to say whatever is likely to get votes. If they cannot form a coalition, they will not have much ability to help or harm the nation.]


The ADL Announces New Internet Censorship Project To Identify and Prevent Hate Speech

March 6, 2018 ADL 3

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), with UC Berkeley, have created an artificial-intelligence program, called the Online Hate Index, to detect “hate” speech and create definitions for it. [For years, the ADL has promoted far-Left political agendas while accusing those who oppose those agendas of being anti-Semitic. Most people are not aware that this organization is using its Jewish identity as a cover to promote a Leftist political agenda. The time is drawing near when any expression of opposition to Leftist agendas will be defined as hate speech, and that will justify denying Internet access to those who hold such opinions.]